Jo offers expertise in colour, style and image either personally or within a group or corporate setting.

Our clothing plays an important part in our confidence and studies have now proven that wearing different items can truly effect how we feel and how we behave*.


The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Why 'Ultimate'? Because when you buy clothes that are perfect in fit, style and colour they create your ULTIMATE wardrobe.

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'It was so much fun - like shopping with your sister'  (Joella Bruckshaw, Coach, London)

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Online consultation

Jo loves to travel & offers an International service in personal image and colour consultation.  However, her  expertise and high colour vision allows her to offer an online service with clients in Australia & US.

If you are about to have a headshot, or would just like to know what colours work for you Jo can offer this service brought directly to your home.

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Image & Branding Expertise

With the looming growth of AI it has never been more important to be aware of your personal brand.

Your image, either virtually in your online business headshot , or in person, is the first impression you will make.  We are dominated by a first impression^.

A congruent image in style, colour & dress will help you achieve the success you desire.
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My (colleagues) and I had a colour analysis session with Jo. Her advice was excellent and well received. Jo made everyone feel relaxed and made the whole experience fun. I would definitely recommend.

D. Stephens - Chief Assurance Broker, AXA Bristol


t: +447867728656

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*Journal of Experimental Social Psychology web-site (2014)

^ Research carried out by Bertram Gawronski published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (2017)