Jo offers expertise in colour, style and image either personally or within a group or corporate setting.

Our clothing impacts how we look, how we feel and how we behave*. 


The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Why 'Ultimate'? Because when you buy clothes that are perfect in fit, style and colour they create your ULTIMATE wardrobe.  A great investment and a wardrobe you love.  

UK-based wealth manager Justin King needed to tick a number of boxes - a new image, new branding colours and a new suit for his wedding!  Click here for his testimonial.

'It was so much fun - like shopping with your sister'  (Joella Bruckshaw, Coach, London)  Jo guarantees that you will hvae a fun session and help you to find your shopping mojo!

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Colour Discovery

Discovering a whole range of new colours that make you look younger and brighter can be life-changing.  Read Jo's testimonials to hear more.

Jo loves to travel & offers an International service in personal image and colour consultation.   Her expertise and high colour vision allows her to also offer an online colour and styling service.

'I love my new Zing colours, Jo, especially my new Zing pink'.  Jasmine Mbye, professional speaker, London

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Image & Branding Expertise

'Fabulous few hours with colour stylist Jo sorting out my new wardrobe'.  TV presenter Martin Roberts wanted new colours for his new brand and business as well as a new look.

Jo offers individual or group consultation as well as professional speaking on the topics of the image for your brand & using colour for success.

'Your image, either virtually (your business headshot) or in person, is the first impression you will make.  We are engage with and remembered by our first impression'.  Jo B.T.

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Jo showed so much enthusiasm and professionalism on the day I met her, I knew right away that I could trust her level of expertise.

K. Conley - Keynote Speaker, London


t: +447866679931

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*Journal of Experimental Social Psychology web-site (2014)

^ Research carried out by Bertram Gawronski published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (2017)