Ruth is a personal trainer who hates shopping and felt only comfortable in her gym gear.   Ruth needed a new professional image for corporate presentations as she was promoting a new range of nutritious shakes. 

"I had a fantastic personal shopping experience with Jo. Having an extreme dislike of clothes shopping, it was a dream to bypass the shop floor and be taken straight to a dressing room where Jo had already assembled a rail of clothes in my colours, along with accessories". 

Ruth had an ultimate shopping experience with Jo.


Time to Celebrate

Sales Consulatant Michelle was approaching her 40th birthday and wanted to feel amazing for her big celebrations. 

She has always worn little or no make-up so was nervous of having a makeover in her newly discovered seasonal colours but after her make-up mastery was totally confdient to apply all her new cosmetics herself.

She followed up her make-up session with an 'Ultimate Shopping' trip when she found a gorgeous outfit in one of her perfect Zing* colours as well as some seasonal extras.

Michelle had a colour discovery, make-up mastery and ultimate shopping experience with Jo.

Watch her testimonial here.

A woman in a man's world

London based finance director Maria Anastase felt that her key work look was dull but she was concerned that standing out would create the wrong impression  - a very common story for many women in the finance industry.

She was transformed in a Personal Branding experience alongside myself, coach Joella Bruckshaw and photographer Claire Gardner.

Discovering the perfect bright colours to wear, including the best red lipstick, helped Maria improve her self-esteem, her confidence and gave her the knowledge to stand out naturally.

Many women believe they need to blend in at  work and hide their shape and femininity.  With Jo's expert styling she developed a new wardrobe of beautiful workwear with many colours.  


Watch her intereview here and to book your own transformative personal branding experience contact me now.



Z is for ZING! Discover your perfect colours including lip colour

Jo has created her own modern approach to colour analysis - the Zing* System of Colour.  Jo's trademarked system shows her clients their OPTIMAL colours.  We all have them and they are 6 or 7 colours within the seasonal palette that are individual to you.  They perfectly enhance your unique combination of hair, eye and skin tone.

Professional speaker and lifestyle coach Jasmine Mbye is very confident about wearing bright colour but felt 'empowered and confident' to be bold wearing what she now knows to be her perfect red lipstick.  Every woman loves to wear red but you can easily get it wrong without the help of a colour expert.   Jo states, "Many of us are drawn to the wrong red lipstick  but the wrong red will wear you when it should be the other way around!".

Jasmine had a colour discovery which includes a perfect foundation and lipstick match


TV ready

'I only ever wear black!' but she soon loved her new bright Zing* colours! TV presenter, author and Inspirational  Mentor Emma Jane Taylor was ready for some new colours as she developed her professional speaking and TV career.  

Discovering the perfect red, purple and blue has given her the confidence to stand out and no longer resort to black.

Emma Jane had a colour discovery, wardrobe edit and virtual shopping experience with Jo.


SS101357 - Copy.JPG

Clothes & cosmetics in your perfect seasonal colours & in the comfort of your own home

The client's skin tone and her blue eyes really look stunning due to her perfect seasonal pallet of colour.

Jo is an expert in colour and many of her clients have been given the 'wrong' season - i.e. it was previously based on their eye colour not skin tone.  With Jo's high colour vision she can see the colour within the skin.


Casual working or dressing up for the stage

Google engineer manager Roman Kirillov doesn't meed to 'dress up' for work but he felt that wearing scruffy hoodies and faded jeans was not only giving the wrong impression as a manager but also impacting his personal brand.  He was ready to 'look a bit smarter but with an easy wardrobe which doesn't require any thinking'.

"I figured that there are way more colours out there than black and grey.  Replaced 70% of my wardrobe, recommend 10/10"

Jeremy Nicholas is an ex-BBC presenter but now is a pofefssional MC and speaker.  He was aware that he wasn't looking his best in his 'best' suit and was interested to discover his perfect colours to use for his new personal branding, too.

Watch Jeremy's testimonial here and for Roman's click here. 

Roman had an ultimate shopping experience with Jo at Westfields, London.  

Jeremy had a colour discovery and wardrobe edit alongside personal branding consulting.


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