A comprehensive palette of colour and make-up will compliment your own colouring creating a natural look.

Jo promotes the use of natural and vegan products and is a registered consultant for Arbonne International.  To create a perfect palette of colour contact Jo now or go direct to her Arbonne International page.

Get in touch to book a make-over and learn how to apply long-lasting and enhancing make-up.


Seasonal Wallet

The essential tool for shopping or sorting your wardrobe, your seasonal wallet helps you find your seasonal colours no matter where you are.  In a portable size with clever rotating sleeves allowing you to mix and match your seasonal colours it also contains advise for eye wear, hair colour and many other useful seasonal tips.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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Pre-order Jo's New Book - 'Mindful Your Business'

If you have ever considered starting your own business then this book is for you!  A candid and honest approach to becoming an entrepreneur especially for parents.  The challenges and rewards, the problems and possibilities.  This book will help you with making that big decision and will guide you to achieving success in your business whilst juggling the roles of parenting, too. A first ever #pickupputdown book compiled of short and snappy chapters.  Ideal for the busy parent who wants to create a business they love & enjoy but which doesn't take over their lives!

Jo has captured all her experience of creaating a successful entrepreneurial business whilst being a sole parent of twin girls.   After extensive employment in various organisations including policing, teaching and landscape gardening Jo took the leap of faith to follow her true passion for helping others to recognise how amazing they are naturally and her love/obssesion for colour. 

With no money and very little support she created a business doing what she loves. 'I don't call it work but play!  I now love Mondays after spending so many years dreading them!  I receive so much Joy from my business and love what I do.  It has positively transformed my life and my children's.'

Alongside the wisdom of her personal journey she uses her business honours degree, extensive corporate experience and her knowledge as a Reiki practitioner in this unique book. 

This is an inspiring text guiding you into creating a business you love whilst maintaining harmony for your spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Please subscribe to Jo's YouTube channel - @jobaldwintrott - for her latest podcasts helping you to become a successful business owner and for her latest style and image tips.  You can also follow Jo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - @jobaldwintrott

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Drape Set of 4 Drapes

Set of four in either metallic, blues, greens, yellows, reds, pinks, neutrals or whites drapes for seasonal analysis labelled with colour name and season.

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