Jo offers a free 30 minute STYLE CHAT before booking any of her services.  All of Jo's services are bespoke to you - your personality, your lifestyle, your business.  Jo will look after you and take you on a style journey to help you discover and shine in  your true colours and image.  To see Jo's testimonials go to her YouTube channel - Jo Baldwin Trott
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Colour Discovery

The first step in discovering your perfect wardrobe starts with your colours & your Zing* colours

Do you want to look ten years younger, naturally? Then a colour discovery is for you.  Jo is an expert in colour and has her own unique colour system which shows you your perfect colours - your Zing* colours.  Your bespoke colour palette will make you look younger, brighter and better instantly.

With your new approach to colour after Jo's expert guidance you will be armed with your colour palette ready to shop with ease and confidence to find the perfect clothes for your wardrobe.  You will create many more outfits as all your clothes will 'go' together.  You will never ask yourself 'Will this go with that?' again!  This session can be in your own home^, in store or at one of Jo's consulting rooms in Central or West London.

Personal Colour Discovery - 2 hours - from £257*


Jo offers a unique ONLINE COLOUR AND STYLING CONSULTATION service from the comfort of your own office or home.  Do you need a new outfit for an event or some help with creating one from your own wardrobe?  

'Thank you Jo, my wedding outfit was perfect, I loved it'.  K. Bicknell, Marketer, London.

Virtual Colour Discovery - from £97*  


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Personal Shopping

The 'Ultimate' Shopping Experience

Why ultimate?  Because as an expert in colour and styling  Jo will find you the PERFECT items in fit, style and colour.  Whether you need just a workwear update, a whole outfit for an event or due to a weight change you need a whole new wadrobe.  Maybe it's just time for a new look?

Jo puts the fun back into shopping and will have a perfect rail of clothes ready and waiting for you.  If you hate shopping you don't even need to go around the store!

Caroline Roberts HATES shopping but had a wonderful time with Jo...

'iT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!'  Google Manager Roman Kirillov didn't know what to expect from his wife's birthday present but watch his testimonial here  

ULTIMATE PERSONAL SHOPPING - 3 hours - from £497*


Have a life-changing lunch hour of colour & style!  Jo will meet you in store with a rail of clothes waiting.  Perfect for an outfit,  an update or if you're looking for a certain item or two. (Requires completeion beforehand of a questionnaire & photographs sent into Jo.)

NEW - EXPRESS SHOP!  - 1 hour - from £147*


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*Subject to location -  travel exprnses may be incurred outside of Central London.


Wardrobe Edit

Most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time!  

Viviennne Westwoood pleaded to 2017 London Fashion Week - 'Buy less, choose well, make it last!' Jo loves to try and save her clients money, not make them spend it! 

With expert colour and style advise you can re-vamp and review your wardrobe just like TV presenter Emma Jane Taylor.  By applying your seasonal colours the result will be a blending perfect wardrobe - easier to create outfits, easier to shop for.

Wardrobe Edit - 3 hour session - from just £397*

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Expertise in Personal Branding & Image

Jo has had extensive experience within the private and public sector and can offer an in-depth talk or presentation on the importance of image and the relevance with personal and corporate branding. (Pleae view her Linked In profile here).  Combined with her business based honours degree she has a diverse awareness of the impact of a congruent personal image.  She can also offer advice on using colour as well as style within your image and how these are tools which can be used successfully to have the right impact on your clients and your audience.

'Jo showed so much enthusiasm and professionalism I knew right away that I could trust her level of expertise.colours, she is amazing at what she does'.    Kayla Conley, Keynote Speaker, London

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Professional Speaking

Jo combines her extenisve corporate experience, business qualifications and image expertise to deliver a powerful message of how colour can increase your success as an individual and as a team.  'Feeling good about how we look is key to achieving and attracting the right client, the right result and being remembered.  With the growth of AI we need '.

Jo offers the following subjects which can be offfered as a talk, presentation or workshop.

- If superheroes wore suits...  Are you hiding your superpowers?

- Mindset over matter.  Women must change, too to achieve equality.

- Blending-in syndrome.  Your self-created uniform is killing your personal brand

- Then there was green.  We can choose the life we wish, it just takes a moment.

To book Jo as a professional speaker click here.


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Consultative Services

COLOUR IS THE MOST PRIMITIVE FORM OF COMMUNICATION.  Different colours send different messages and change the way we feel.   Jo offers consultative services for the entrepreneur or large business.

BRANDING MEANS BUSINESS!  Whether you are a solopreneur or part of a larger organisation, the power of branding and getting the right colours to reflect you and your brand will give you the edge in today's competitive market.  The clothes you wear - their style and colour - matter, as do the office environment which your clients see and your staff work in. 

Give your staff a fun, interesting and informative experience which will improve confidence and self-esteem as well as improving the overall image of your company. Either a full presentation to many or a workshop for up to ten people can be used in any working environment.  Lots of fun and a great way to relax with colleagues as well as improve and enhance your overall corporate image.

Hourly rate - from just £297*


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Gift Vouchers

For a unique and life-long gift buy a friend, loved one or colleague a gift voucher for any of the above services.

'My husband of 11 years said that his voucher - a birthday gift - was the best present I have ever given him'.  Natalie bought an ULTIMATE PERSONAL SHOPPING voucher for her husband Engineering Manager, Roman.  To watch his video click here.


Jo's First Book - 'Mindful your business' 

Jo fulfilled one of her life-long dreams and created her first business 'Colour First' after her marriage came to an end and she struggled to return to teaching as a single mother.  She has written her first book explaining how she started a business based on her passion for colour,  her creativity and how creating a business you love is magical.  'Doing what you love and loving what you do gives you superpowers!'  As a Reiki practitioner and with a strong belief for health and wellbeing the book offers a holistic and wholesome approach to ensuring you maintain harmony and balance with your spiritual, emotional and physical health.  For more extracts of Jo's book go to her Instagram account - @mindfulyourbusiness

To pre-rorder Jo's book click here

* Prices may vary due to location.  Travel expenses may be incurred.

t: +447866679931

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