Happy New 'Red Monkey' Year

We're about to begin the next Chinese New Year - this time it's the turn of the monkey and a red one!  The red monkey signifies financial posperity and organisation and there is no better way to start analysing your finances than with your wardrobe.  The average person wears 20% of  their wardrobe 80% of the time - do  you have an  idea how much your clothes are worth?  You may be surprised or even horrified to realise how much you have spent on items that you are not wearing! The reasons why we leave clothes in the wardrobe are generally fit, style but also colour.  

Women spend 84 hours per year staring at their wardrobe deciding what to wear!  Most of us can probably think of better ways to spend that amount of time?!

Make a fresh wardobe start with a COLOUR FIRST WARDROBE RE-VAMP and allow an expert to sift, weed and guide you to having a blended wardrobe which you will love -  one which you can enjoy and more  importantly feel good in even with our post-Christmas extra pound or two!

Contact Jo at info@colourfirst.eu to arrange your RE-VAMP OR COLOUR ANALYSIS.  Once the wardrobe is done you might even want to move  onto  the kitchen cupboards! Ok, maybe not.