How to Save Time in Your Business

How to Save Time in your Business
by a creative single Mum

Presented to the Ealing Athena Group - October 18th 2016

The most instant way to save time is to stop worrying about time!  Instead believe and have faith that you will achieve.  The power of thought and perception will impact on your energy and your achievement.  If we worry about time we are putting ourselves into a negative state which is more likely to lead to negative action and negative consequences.  As a single mumpreneur I could easily be overwhelmed by the amount I have to achieve in a day.  Instead of stressing about ( although I used to!) I now have faith - in my diary, my time management and me!  With a positive attitude you are already more likely to make the most of your time.

    - A SUCCESS list, not ‘To Do!’ The word success is positive and has an outcome attached to it.  We are never going ‘To Do’ all we need to do!
    - Prioritise - consider what really matters, what really has to be done that day - a great tip to stop the overwhelm factor and also prevent procrastination.  Save time and focus on what really needs to be done.
    - 3 things only, yes, JUST 3!  You are more likely to achieve 3 important things and then when you’ve done them all you can move on to the other things that were less important.
    - Create a new list EVERYDAY. You will be surprised how your priorities change.

Think of ways you can maximise the impact and effectiveness of the things you do!  I run or cycle with the kids on the school run and then up the speed on the way home, that’s my exercise done for the day.  Work whilst travelling.  Many of us use public transport, pick the method that gives good wifi.  I purposely used to travel on the Oxford Tube rather than drive as it gave me good wifi and time to work en-route!  The opportunity cost was minimal but I was maximising my working day.
Do the things you least love or that require more concentration when you’re least tired. For most of us our most productive time is mid morning.  Working efficiently will ultimately save you time.

By outsourcing the jobs that you procrastinate over or that you spend too much time over will allow you to focus and spend time on the jobs and tasks you are good at; the ones that you do well and enjoy; and more importantly keep you “In your flow!”1
Attempting to be great at everything as an entrepreneur is asking the impossible of yourself.  Give yourself a break and hire someone to do the things that aren’t your thing.  The best investment I made (apart from my Athena membership!) was to hire a cleaner and an accountant.  It may be hard to pay to start with but you will soon reap the rewards of applying yourself in the areas that you are good at.

Be in the now and stay present in the moment, the situation, the company.  Congratulate yourself at the end of the day and at the end of the week, reflecting on what you HAVE achieved not what you haven’t and all those SUCCESSES!

Without a doubt having a wardrobe of my seasonal colours which ALL GO TOGETHER saves me so much time and consternation.  I never spend/waste time trying to work out whethere these trousers will go with this top - my whole wardrobe goes! As an experiment I wanted to see how many outfits I could make with my only average wardrobe, it was SIX MONTHS!  So, save time and love your wardrobe by going blended and having a colour consultation plus a wardrobe recreation.

Being an entrepreneur, a mumpreneur and/or a single mumpreneur has major challenges but embrace them and realise that you are developing amazing skills on the way which will help you to achieve more and more on your business journey.

If you would like some help or have any questions then please get in touch!  Best wishes, Jo