Come on, Brighten Up Britain!

Just because it's winter it doesn't mean we have to stop wearing colour!!

COLOUR not only impacts us on a visual level but a physical and emotional level also.  Doctors in Harley Street and at the University of Hertforshire are researching the impact of wearing dark colours and our mood - specifically black - and are proving that wearing black can cause depression and effect our energy levels*.  

Bring more energy to yourself and those around you by wearing the colours which energise and lift our mood - green, orange and yellow are great colours to bring into your winter wardrobe and will help you look and feel brighter.  

Most people in Britain have warm skin tone (probably due to the amount of Spanish and French influence) and will look great in orange, burnt orange or copper - and green looks great on all skin tones

I am on a mission to #BrightenUpBritain and encourage everyone to add some bright pieces to their wardrobe!!!  I also want to help with the MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR - BLUE MONDAY which is January 17th - I want to change it to BRIGHT MONDAY or rather #BrightMonday - and encourage everyone to wear something (or even a whole outfit) in a bright colour - yellow, orange, pink or green.  

When it comes to Christmas and party time let's all go out and sparkle - and wear an LND not  a LBD.    Black actually suits very few people in the uk (the average woman will put on more make-up when they are wearing black to counter-act the darkening and draining of their skin), NAVY, however, suits EVERYONE!!  There are different navy's and if you have a warm, golden skin tone you will look better in bright marine navy rather than dark, indigo navy - but still, you will definitely look better in navy than black!!!                

So please help me (and help you, too!) by adding a shot of colour to your winter outfit and together we can Brighten Up Britain, one shade at a time!!  

Have a great and colourful week!!

Jo xx

*Dr. Mari Kovanen, Harley Street, London; Ben C.Fletcher (University of Hertfordshire)