Pink Friday

On Friday September 24, 1869 the U.S. gold market crashed thanks to two ruthless Wall Street financiers.  The age old of trick of decreasing supply/raising demand by buying out all the stock was set to work a treat for Jay Gould and Jim Fisk*.  Things went slightly wrong, though for the unruly pair and everyone (including J and J) became bankrupt as the market collapsed completely.

In 1919 the Battle of George Square was one of the worst riots in the City's history; in Australia horrendous bush fires; and some of the terrible bleakest days of the second World War all bear the name of Black Friday.

So, back to COLOUR!  My point is BLACK is used as a pre-fix, a scene setter and reference to dark. sad and oppresive times.

I am going to wish you a Happy Black Friday and if you haven't already - please read my previous blog with a plea to join me and #BrightenUpBritain.

Enjoy shopping on this crazy day, if you're brave enough, but do try and buy some colour on this dark day!

Personally I will be attending a wonderful networking event in Windsor for the amazing Athena Network - whose key branding colour is pink.  I will be wearing my new Jil Sander pink dress (7.50 from the RSPCA shop in Princes Risborough) and the last thing I will have on my mind is black anything or shopping.   As you all  know BLACK IS MY LEAST FAVOURITE COLOUR!  Black is devoid of light, a non-colour and can causes depression.  Who needs that on the last day of the working week?  Instead, peak in pink or peach; glow in yellow or green!

Take a note from Gary who I spotted in Chelsea in this gorgeous and vibrant combination, visiting London from France.  Splash on some colour!

Have a great day, wear pink or orange and share your #BrightenupBritain pictures with me on Instagram, twitter and facebook!


Jo xx


* - article publsihed on 30th September 2016


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