A present that lasts a lifetime or no time? Buy ethically this Christmas

I ignored black Friday, I always do.   The whole event encourages excessive consumerism and frenzied spotaneous shopping, a bit like any sale.  This crazy shopping can be hundreds of pounds worth of clothes that my clients have in their wardrobes, that they don't wear.  I know it's still a choice but Black Friday encourages people to buy items they don't really want just because they're cheap.  As it's a whole month before Christmas consumers aren't totally in Christmas Shopping mode so they buy MORE STUFF FOR THEM.  Clever corporates.

The average family will spend 868 GBP on Christmas gifts* this year and apparently only 3% of that spending will happen online but what kind of presents are we buying and are we really giving something that reflects our love?

Last year the most popular three presents bought were a NUTRIBULLET,  a FITBIT FLEX and a SPIRALISER**.  But how long do these presents last, are we really giving something that's worth gving? 

In my house the answer is 10 months (It has been used to death but my nutri-bullet is on it's way out!); I haven't go one of these - I think I'd break it, it wouldn't keep up!; and spiralling my veggies lasted 6 weeks - way too many bits to take apart and wash up separately (n.b. hopefully the Spiraliser desigers were bought a nutri-bullet for Christmas - so easy to wash up and another reason why I love it!)


We are doing so much to help our planet, to value nature and of course encourage our children to do the same.  This all seems to go out of our snow-frosted windows at Christmas - all the packaging; buying a better version of what you have already; more electronics to use more electricity and BUYING THINGS THAT DON'T LAST - literally and figuritively speaking.


Buy presents that last, that will truly make a difference to the receiver, the enviornment and the planet - here are some ideas to help you on you way....  

  • Buy from charities - so many now have gift pages - you can sponsor a tiger; plant a tree even if you live in a top floor apartment; learn to spot the stars; build your own bird house or go on a firewalk! (have a look at woodland trust, oxfam, the donkey sanctuary, RNLI)
  • Buy pre-loved - clothes, toys, furnishings, it's all out there - how amazing and impactive would it be if we baulked the 'BUY NEW' at Christmas and just bought pre-loved?!  Charity shops, schpock, local facebook groups offer everything and sometimes it IS brand new  pre-loved!
  • Buy AN EXPERIENCE - a voucher for an experience, an opportunity to do something you wouldn't treat yourself to - is not only a gift to give on the day but a gift that will make a difference, will be truly valued & the options are endless - a gliding session, scuba-dive, rally drive, fire walk, pottery, retreat, a styling session!

A MAKEUP MASTERY and COLOUR DISCOVERY session with me will last on average 20 years and a lifetime!  Every client who has had a makeup mastery session with me has been applying cosmetics in the same way for that long(!) and your colour palette is yours forever, it won't change.

"I have nothing to wear" but have a bulging wardrobe!

"I look so pale at the moment" but you wear alot of black and grey

"I'm never sure how to put on make-up!" and still do it the same way you have done it for years!

Any of these ring a bell?  Buy a life-changing and long lasting experience voucher for one of my services - Colour Discovery; Wardrobe Re-creation; Makeup Mastery or Personal Shopping!

*The Daily Mall online - www.dailymail.co.uk - November 26 2016