The BIG Day

I have a love/hate relationship with British-ness.  Sometimes I think the stork dropped me in the wrong spot - Bristol sounds nothing like Santa Barbara! - and I am very non-British.  Way too outspoken, say how I feel, very open and trusting and love wearing colour!

CHRISTMAS DAY is one of those epic moments in the British calendar when we lay it on - thick and heavy!  In what other country do they spend hours if not days preparing all the different veggies, the trimmings etc.?  The formality of the day - bet most of you have the same routine - you know what I'm talking about!! - and of course there are the Christmas day Clothes.  

Hands up if you have a 'special' outfit or a whole new ensemble?  

Hopefully not but my sneaky suspicion is that lots of you will have your hands up even if you're on the tube.  I think it goes back to our colonial days but havent we moved on from that?

PLEASE DON'T SAVE THINGS FOR BEST!  RESOLVE FOR 2017 TO WEAR IT ALL!  JUST FOR ME.  Accessories can change your clothes & how you wear an item.

There, I have said it now, it's out there....

With a wardrobe you love - as in the WHOLE wardrobe - you don't need to save things... because you can mix and match, get value from all your clothes and more importantly create new outfits out of old.  

My colour blended wardrobe lasted me 6 months in my experiment to see how long I could go making up new outfits (and no, it's not a walk in 'Carrie-type' closet - I wish!)

For some help with your festive wardrobe, style and make-up click on the link and go to  MyFestive Style Tips or my YouTube channel - Jo Baldwin Trott - there are some for men, too.

Have a wonderful Christmas full of colour and light!

Love,  Jo xx

p.s  It's not too late to ORDER YOUR COLOUR FIRST VOUCHER for a unique and personal gift of colour.  Email me now - or call +447867728656