Apparently we're not all as excited as we used to be about the New Years sales.  Black Friday and pre-Christmas bargains have taken the gloss off of what was THE time to get some deals.


If you're still thinking of mooching, and especially if you have some free money aka vouchers to spend then here are my top tips to buy some good stuff not just some more stuff...

  1. Buy your 'big spend' item now - Winter coats, leather boots, designer anything - whatever you think you would really like to add to your wardrobe but that would normally cost a serious amount of dosh - hunt it down now and enjoy a quality item for a knockdown price
  2. Don't buy something when there's a WHOLE RACK OF IT!  There will be a good reason - neckline doesn't sit right, it has funny washing instructions, the colours hard to wear... You've been  warned! 
  3. Buy for your summer holidays!  OK, so it requires a little imagination but you can pick up some stunning dresses, bikinis and beachwear in the winter sales. The stores want it gone and out of their stock rooms so consider what you're holiday suitcase is missing. 
  4. Don't buy ANYTHING if you're first thought when you see it is only 'Wow, that's cheap!'  You're consciousness has zoned in on the price not the object - try and buy the things you really love.  It's still money. 
  5. Buy one thing and then pass one on.  This is the keeping a good wardrobe and a clutter free home.  For every item you bring through the door find an item at you're no longer wearing or using, thank it and send it with love to your nearest charity shop or better still hold a shwopping event in January.  Generally a dull month so a good time to clear your wardrobe of the items you no longer love and get your friends round too with maybe a glass of grape juice. 

So get going and tag me in on your best buys 😁

Happy shopping!

Jo x