Styling on a different level

One of the most powerful things you can do as an entrepreneur is recognise your strengths and of course your weaknesses.  When you focus on your strengths - and let someone deal with your weak spots - mine is finance - you are able to expand and grow and continue to develop your business and DO WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT.

There are many stylists, and many colour stylists.  It has taken me a little while to work out what my differences are why these are actually my strengths, my USP.   And this explains why my clients feel completely empowered, enlightened and excited about their new style, image and passion for colour.  It's not just about a book of colours - it's so much more.

I thought I would explain what my differences are and if you, like me, are an entrepreneur/solopreneur/mumpreneur then you, too may be able to strengthen your business, build your self-esteem by focusing on these differences.  My book YOU ARE YOUR USP will be out next year!

I don't believe in style boxes

My clients have an average age of 35 and they are now valuing their own beliefs, experience and individuality - they don't want to be squashed into a box with certain rules of neckline, hemline, skirts not trousers.  Everone can wear any item of clothing if you know the tricks of styling and know how to enhance YOUR bodyshape.  I GUIDE YOU AND SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WONDERFUL FIGURE AND SHAPE so that you can wear what you want - it's not what you wear it is HOW you wear it!

I believe in styling you - your shape, your heart, your soul

I get to know my clients, their personality and their lifestyle.  As a qualified Reiki Practitioner I value energy and our own unique charisma - and I incorporate this into creating the right wardrobe for you and filling it with clothes you LOVE.  I want to give you the confidence to shine in your authentic way, and not follow the herd.  YOUR STYLE IS YOURS  AND YOURS ALONE - let's celebrate, value it and show it off!

I have exceptional colour vision

This is why and how I have created my own UNIQUE SYSTEM OF COLOUR ANALYSIS - the Zing* system of colour.  I see colour differently.  Although we all see the same colour the way our neurons process that information will vary - some will see more yellow in a colour, some less, and depending on your mood, where you live and the season, our colour-sight can change**.  So, I am a bit unusual! From an early age I was fascinated and studied colours in nature: the different greens in the leaves, and colours of the skin, and spent hours mixing paints to get a good match when I painted my family or my favourite teacher Mrs Elliott!  I can see the colours within a colour so have a natural ability to take colour analysis one step further for my clients.  And also take them shopping!  I can quickly create outfits in my clients perfect colours, using their whole palette of 30 colours, which would normally take someone hours.  Personal Shoppers who are experts in colour are rare - it's not easy if you don't have an eye for colour!

I have a long CV

Anyone who has linked with me on LinkedIn (and please do!) will see that I'm a Jo of all Trades!  I love to learn new things, I learn quickly and I love travelling so I have chosen to work in many different places and for many different organisations.  I see life as a learning journey - for the mind and soul.  I incorporate this exerience and knowledge into styling you and your brand.  For speakers, presenters, entrepreneurs I can guide you into an authentic image that suits you as a person and also works for you in your business.  I can give you an awareness of corporate identity and culture which can be applied to your brand whether it is for a pitch or an interview.

If you would like to know more then please get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

Happy Monday,

Jo x

*Patent pending

**Article- We Don't al see the same colours..." June 30 2012