Foundation Vs. (Tinted) Moisturiser

We live in a dry climate, and this time of year with cold winds battering our skin it's even drier and we struggle to keep our skin moisturised as well as achieving an even base for our make-up.
Many of us turn to tinted moisturiser, bb, cc creams and shelve the foundation in order to keep the skin moist and add a little colour.  But there's a big down side - longevity.  TM is ok for the gym or supermarket run but TM's are made to do a job - moisturise and be absorbed into the skin, not for coverage and to stay on all day at work or all evening for a night out.  They also come in just a few colours (rarely do they stipulate warm or cool tone) and that is for a good reason, they moisturiser not cover so they don't need to match your skin tone, just be absorbed into it.
The solution is easy.  Buy a high quality foundation with vitamin E and Aloe Vera but actually, don't just buy one, buy two.  One in your perfect winter (paler skin) shade, the other in a slightly darker tone, and for a slightly brighter complecion to counteract our darker clothing palette, mix a little of the deeper foundation with the lighter one.  As the weather warms and the sun shines you can change the ratio and by summer time you will only need the darker one.
To test for your perfect foundation run a light streak over your jaw line, rub in very slightly, and only in NATURAL LIGHT.  The perfect shade will totally blend in in a couple of seconds and it's colour and yours' will harmonise with no residual streak.  Take a mirror to the shop window and check.  They are way too expensive to not buy the right shade!  Or better still have a perfect foundation match from a colour specialist (such as me!)  You will save yourself so much in the long run.
Millions of pounds are wasted by consumers every year  buying incorrect foundations and powders which have been (very helpfully) matched up by make-up sales staff.  This is because the lighting is wrong and generally TOO WARM (has too much golden-ness to it). Which is why, when you get home and the following day apply your new foundation, it doesn't look as good as it did in the shop!  I promise you it's nothing to do with the person applying it.
Department stores are now undertaking extensive and expensive research to ascertain the best method of creating the perfect colour temperature with commercial lighting for their cosmetic counters.  And it's about time!  
The perfect winter application - firstly apply a quality eye cream and day moisturiser with spf (I highly recommend vegan cosmetic and skin care brand Arbonne ... see below for website details).
Apply a good primer (Arbonne's RE9 Daily Moisturiser is highly recommended) and then your foundation abd apply enough for a GOOD COVERAGE. Don't wait for your moisturiser to be absorbed.  The foundation will blend better if applied immediately after primer, applied immediately after moisturiser.
My range of First Impression foundations are fantastic and contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and are excellent quality (£22.00).
I would also recommend a green concealer (green negates the colour red and is great to cover any blemishes, redness or rosacea) and a light eye concealer, both recommended from my First Impressions range (cost £11.00).
Finally, just a reminder that our skin is mostly impacted by what we put into our bodies, as well as what we put on it.  Drinking 6-8 glasses of water (and water alone) at room temperature is essential for a healthy body and mind.
For a PERFECT FOUNDATION MATCH as part of a COLOUR CONSULTATION  or COSMETIC CONSULTATION including a tutorial then please get in touch.
(None of the above cosmetic products are tested on animals and are hypo-allergenic).