Phew for Flats

Even fashion guru extraordinaire Victoria Beckham appears to have stepped into the breach of REALISTIC STYLING and PRACTICAL FASHION.  'I just can't do heels anymore...clothes have to be simple and comfortable"*.  Well, we could've told you that VB but considering she has been known to openly declare her loathing!!!  And so we are all feeling a little happier with our style choices, especially when it comes to shoes knowing that flat shoes syndrome happens to the best of us.

As fashion, trends and colour descend on us I like to focus not only all that is fashion, but fashion which is practical - including all the key trends to look out for and grab as you update your wardrobe (hope you have banished the burgundy and browns already?!) 

There are ways to wear trends and bend and shape them to work with you and I and the average woman of Britain who is obviously not a willowy 6 feet tall

Please feedback (, tweet away (@colourfirst) and always call for help if you would like some expert advice and shopping assistance.  It is (or will be) an absolute pleasure!!

"If I had done that myself I would have bought a couple of items, got fed up and left to eat cake!  Having a personal shopping  session with you was like having someone on my side, and having the knowledge to explain why certain styles work and others didn't is so  helpful".  Joanne Sumner, Regional Director, Athena Network, West London.


*Hello magazine, 7 March 2016