The difference a little (lip) colour can make!

This may be one just for the girls... but, we should never underestimate the power of creating colour - and NEVER forget the difference a litttle lipstick makes.

After a day giving colour taster sessions to the wonderful ladies receiving treatment at an oncology clinic in London I am inspired and reminded, and some!, of the incredible difference colour can make, not just to how we look but how we FEEL.

'I can't believe it, I look amazing!'

'Blimey, I actually look really nice!'

'How come I don't look so pale anymore!'

The power of puckering up in the colour that really works for your skin tone, your eye and hair colour.

We can all, at some point need a little lift - and lipstick (in your perfect pout colour) is an instant way of changing your look, brightening your face and just making you feel fantastic!!