It's SPRING-TIME - are you still wearing #boringblack?

ONE of the reasons why I'm so passionate about colour and encouraging my clients to wear colour and less #boringblack is because of NATURE. How often are you inspired by black in nature?

When you see colours like these (no tweaking to this image btw) and all the stunning spring colours surrounding us as the flowers release their petals and the leaves become true greenHOW DO YOU FEEL?

Wearing colour in our clothes instils a similar feeling, and we pass on those feelings to those around us through COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY. 

If you feel warm and calm seeing this incredible sunset on Santa Catalina, CA - that is the power of colour.  If you feel rejuvenated and energised by seeing the rapeseed fields glowing with golden yellow - again, the power of colour.

The impact of black as a colour suggests insularity, is a regressive colour and DOESN"T actually 'go' with many colours due to it's blue tone and severity.  Black only truly looks good on cool light skin tones, oriental, Balkan or  pale gaelic skin tone, like Catherine Zeta Jones!  As we get older black drains warm complexions and more make-up is needed to compensate.

Discovering my Zing* colours 7 years ago has not only given me the knowledge to buy clothes that flatter my pale skin tone, but has also brought more energy, vitality and positivity to my life.  It helped me find myself again after my twins were born, find the true (new) me and create a whole new wardrobe I knew I looked great in so more importantly I FELT GREAT wearing

Be inspired by nature in SPRING-TIME, find the green that will invigorate and  lift your complexion and also raise the  energy  levels around you.

Now are you going to wear #boringblack today

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