Exciting times and eye candy...

I am in seasonal heaven.  Not only are there more colours than ever in the stores and I can show my personal shopping clients how amazing they can look wearing brights they wouldn't have touched  with a barge pole,  but it has also been  the time for posh frocks and cute  suits.

The Met Ball Gala, Cannes Film Festival and endless award ceremonies create the best eye-candy for anyone who likes fashion and glamour and being a colour guru - well, I've had to drag myself off of twitter and pull the plug on commenting and suggesting colour options for the stars!!

All this has made me  reflect on why I am so passionate about colour and discovering your Zings*.  When I tell friends that know me now that I used to wear peach, beige and black and felt colourful in pale blue they almost choke on their cappucinos.   I have actually just gone 6 months of not wearing the same 2  pieces together.  With a  colour blended wardrobe the toughest and only decision to make as you open your wardrobe doors  is - WHAT COLOUR SHALL I WEAR TODAY?  Now that I know the psychology behind colour I use it lift me, to ground or to make a big impression -  again wonderful decisions to make as opposed to - what suits me, what will work for work, which black top  today etc...?

Discovering my Zings* - which include bright green, orchid and watermelon red was transformational and allowed me to stop using fake tan as much as toothpaste and to love my English Rose  skin.   And therefore, love how I look naturally.  It's a biggy (no  typo), and I am no more pleased than this time of year when I can grab armfuls of my bright colours  from my palette and create amazing summer outfits!  Happy shopping everyone and let's all #brightenupbritain with Zings!!

*Trademark pending