The Queen Rocking in Green

It's a big week for green, the Queen, and me, too!

My ambition and quest to #brightenupbritain was made a little easier by the Queen on 11th June on her birthday trooping of the colour.  Many references were made to the 'kawasaki' green of her outfit.  Like the Queen, I like green, it's a favourite choice of clothing colour for me and once again she chose block colour to look eye-catching and create an impact on all around her.

I am currently researching, interviewing and studying the IMPACT OF COLOUR on our selves and those around us and hope to produce a white paper soon.  The more I dig, the more powerful the message I see that the impact of colour is life-changing and effects how we feel physiologically and emotionally.  And it doesn't stop there.  These 'colour effects' also reasonate to others around us and just this week medical professionals in Harley Street were questioning the high level of depression in London and how much impact the 'uniform of black' has in our capital city.

White paper to come but in the meantime I have to polish off my speach (my first) for the London Professional Speakers Association, next Saturday -  and of course, like the Queen I will be wearing green - the colour of energy, positivity, growth and one of my 'Zing's*'.

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*Trade mark pending