Most women actually HATE shopping - the gender myth...

'All you women love shopping', a familiar phrase voiced by men the world over.  I think, in part it used to be true.  When there were only a few big department stores (so they were a real outing to vist!) and towns offered (and so many still do) a boutique retail experience which felt a little special, guaranteed amazing customer service and you knew you wouldn't bump into someone else wearing the same dress.

Times though have changed, in a big way!  We are spoilt for choice for department stores, these stores are laden with concessions offering even more choice.  We can shop online any time of day and any item is just a google search away.  So, in theory we should all be happy shoppers!  Not so.  Have you found yourself saying, 'There's nothing in the shops!' or walking back to your car, empty handed after a four hour trawl of every store in the shopping mall?  You're not alone.  No, truly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  

As  a personal shopper and a person who loves shopping (I'll explain why later) I find there is no remit to those who hate shopping - no size specific bodies that hate shopping and after many hours of talking with my clients as they try on their perfect rail of clothes (in size, colour and style) it is really clear that there is one big common factor - one clear reason why I am contacted to "Please help!"  OVERWHELM

If I had done that by myself I would have bought a couple of items, got fedup and left (to eat cake!)  Having a personal shopping experience with you was like having someone on my side, and having the knowledge to explain why certain styles work and others didn't is so helpful.  Jo Sumner - Area Manager for Arbonne International.

I take all the question marks out of your shopping experience - I KNOW THE BRANDS  and know what will work for you and where; I KNOW THE SIZES of the brands (it's not easy as they vary from brand to brand but apparently this is set to change soon, yay!)  and most importantly I KNOW YOU - your body shape, your style, your wish list, your budget.

The toughest decision when you're personal shopping with me whether we are in the Beverly Centre in LA, Oxford Street in London, John Lewis in Buckinghamshire or even the charity/thrift stores in Marylebone (I am a huge pre-loved fan) is - what shall I NOT buy because you will  love everything I have ready and waiting for you?  And if you quite like to shop then I woud love to guide your around the store and help you hone your shopping skills!!

For me creating a perfect wardrobe is like an artist painting a picture.  I create balance and harmony in colour and style with the shapes of you, your clothes, your image and your style.  I can create the outfits in my imagination, create the perfect accessories, blend the ideal materials. Styling is an art and I love what I do!

 Don't get shopping overwhelm, get help, from an expert personal shopper.  Get in touch!!

Please go to my testimonials page for more comments from my male and female shopping clients.

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