The Female Wobble

What do the Duchess of Cambridge and Theresa May have in common?  More than you would think!  They are both constantly in the spotlight, both strong women and powerful role models.  They also have an even bigger thing in common (in my opinion) they are having a female wobble.  And I don't mean a literal physical wobble, obviously, but an emotional one.  I can relate to both of them.  

As women we have a considerable amount of awareness and sometimes pressure to look good, look the part, and be stylish, too.  The Duchess and the Prime Minister are both under untold amounts of pressure to look good, look fresh and look stylish ALL THE TIME.  I feel for them, they don't get a moments peace.

THE FEMALE WOBBLE is when you've had a major change as a woman - in your role, your body shape or your personal life.  Many of my clients come to me after a female wobble.  For the PM she has (very suddenly and surprisingly) become one of the most important women on Earth.  She has to achieve the (almost) impossible task - to look important, but approachable; look feminine but business-like; look colourful but reserved!  No easy thing!!

For the Duchess she is post-childhood and her body may have changed slightly and she may be wondering what she is supposed to look like, if she's allowed to dress the same way as she did BHC - Before Having Children - and is probably wondering what her style is NOW.  Having children changes your physical self, emotional self and your purpose.  I can completely relate to her situation - after twins, I had a big wobble, too.  Fortunately I then discovered my colour palette, my ZING COLOURS and a new found confidence in my clothes, my style and ultimately myself.  

Being shown bright colours that enhance you completely naturally is empowering, enlightening and gives you a new sense of freedom and styling wisdom.

The Duchess and PM have one more thing in common - they both need my help.  When you discover the colours that make you look younger, fresher and lift your complexion you are given a huge boost of confidece with your style, and being an expert stylist I can help them with finding their authentic style, too.  So for anyone with any connections please pass them my number!  I would love to help these wonderful role models re-discover their stylish self and wear the best clothes which not only make them look amazing but more importantly, feel amazing.

And just in case, I do have vouchers so if anyone wanted to buy either of these wonderful women a Christmas gift to last a lifetime get in touch!!

Have a great week!