January Blues?

January is a major time for me - it's my least favourite time of the year.  I am a summer - in skin tone and in nature - and struggle in January in the UK to feel my normal energetic chirpy self!

There are 3 things which help me get through:

  • Firstly, my girls came as a big surprise and instead of April were born in this month and very early but I love having the distraction of planning their big day in January.  This year we're seeing The School of Rock - extra exciting as my friends son is lead guitar.
  • Secondly, thanks to great nutrition advice I take magnesium and Vit. D. which truly works wonders.
  • And finally I have COLOUR and lots of it!  I use colour, like some use Red Bull, it works as a natural energy lifter, balances my hormones, sets my social mood and helps with creativity! Depending on my mood I wear the colour to lift me out of it and there is no more relevant day than on blue Monday!  

This time of year you will mostly see me wearing GREEN, like Gerald in the pic, all the way from Italy. He loves green, too and told me how dfferent he feels when he wears colour.  After stopping him in the street I soon discovered I was preaching to the converted.  No needs for Red Bull or any other chemical-filled energisers reach for the colour!  Lift your mood and your energy, and also those around you and wear at least one thing in a bright colour!  Yellow, green and orange are especially powerful for recharging your batteries this time of year.

For more about my thoughts on #bluemonday please read my blog and to discover your bright colours that will make you look younger and feel better contact me to book your COLOUR DISCOVERY. 

Tag me in your photo (@colourfirst) of you wearing your bright colour & help me to #BrightenUpBritain