The Best New Year - Chinese

Xin Nian Hao or Happy New Year!

I LOVE Chinese New Year - they celebrate it in style!  It lasts for 16 days and is a celebration of ALL that life is - family, friends, food and fortune - there is a significance to the bigger picture - it's determined by the lunar cycle and the Chinese Gods have a big part to play - it is steeped with tradition and wisdom.

Some things you maybe didn't know* - 

  • Everyone stays up all night - even the kids who after breakfast the next day have to visit & pay their respects to their elders
  • Hong bao (a small gift generally financial) is given to everyone who comes to you - and woe betide if you can't do the honours!
  • Some gifts which are doomed - pears, sharp obects, shoes, a green hat, a handkerchief - these all have a suspicious message to them - read up on the green hat - it's brilliant!
  • It is the time most people travel 
  • All the dragons should be red
  • It is celebrated by a fifth of the Worlds population


The part of Chinese New Year which I esecially love -

the COLOUR (obvs)

RED is everwhere!  The colour of fire and fortune and as red is the colour which generates increased emotion and energy it no doubt has a positive and powerful impact on the celebrations.  Even at the Buckinghamshire Golf Club recently, when we were all wearing red to celebrate the Chinese New Year, you could feel the positivity and vibrancy.  The endless drizzle outside had no chance of dampening our mood!

Red, along with orange, yellow and green is a powerful colour and will help you to feel empowered - as will my colour wallets which come with their very own COLOUR FIRST red pouch!

Someone who has, and I am sure there is no coincidence, adopted red as his staple tie colour is the new US Preseident Elect.  I would put my favourite hat on in it that he has researched the power of red and is playing to it's strengths.

I never wore red until I had my colour discovery!  If you are, like I was, scared of red, don't be.  I can show you the perfect red which will be dramatic, stylish and bring some much needed energy to your wardrobe - book a COLOUR DISCOVERY now.

Jo xx

p.s. it's on 28th January and this year is the year of the rooster!