Blue Monday, according to Dean Burnett* does not exist.  In a way, he is right - it is a contrived marketing ploy (as most things are!) created by the travel companies  who identified that this is the day of the year most holidays are booked so in a very non-researched way they claim that the third Monday of January must be the most depressing of the year.

It may be untrue and unfounded, BUT it is  tough time for many.  The lack of light, post-Christmas blues for you and your bank account, and generally the most drizzly (that is endless light rain to everyone else) month create feelings of gloom.

So, what can we do to change #BLUEMONDAY?  We can follow the Queen - not literally up the steps of Buck Pal but we can make it...


I admire Her Majesty for many reasons but one is that she boldly goes where few her age go - she wears colour, BRIGHT COLOURS.

Her oufit, as shown, had such a response and was almost as talked about as everything else on her birthday.  Does she know she is impacting on the mood of those around her, improving her own energy levels and balancing her chakras?  I am not sure, I will ask her when I see her but bright colours do all of these things:

  • THE POWER OF GREEN - vitalises, balances and encourages growth
  • THE POWER OF YELLOW & ORANGE - playful, high energy colours
  • THE POWER OF RED - stimulates, attracts the most attention and can raise your heart rate

I am on a mission to #BRIGHTENUPBRITAIN and Britain needs it most this time of the year! Wearing colour not only takes years off you, makes you look healthy and balanced it impacts on us emotionally and energetically.

Help me to banish #BLUEMONDAY and let us have a


Pick your brightest colours from your wardrobe - drag them out of the SUMMER HOLIDAY SUITCASE and wear them now!  This is when we really NEED THEM!

Please share, retweet and help yourself and those around you to feel better - follow the Queen!


Jo xx


*theguardian.com Jan 19 2015