Why suits are back

Yes, it's true.

Suits, a bit like phones, aren't what they used to be.  They no longer have one sole purpose and they're a better investment than ever.

The days of buying a suit which was of a certain fabric mix (polyester in there somewhere), a certain shape (straight) and more than likely in charcoal grey or dark navy are gone.  Suits no longer need to be saved for church and instead can become a versatile and fun part of your wardrobe.

'The bespoke suit is no longer confined to those with deep pockets or those with fancy events to attend.  Bespoke clothing has become an indication of personal style and an opportunity for individuals to express the uniqueness of their character.  The 'Sunday best' is being replaced with the 'Everyday best'.  (Leon Brown, Founder & CEO of Christian English).

London-based tailors such as Christian English, Gormley and Gamble and Morts & More are providing excellent services in bespoke clothing.  A suit that fits you perfectly and in the right style and colour will be an asset that you can use as a whole or as separates.


I recently saw an image on Linked In of four top US speakers on stage.  They had all opted for a 'casual' look and lost their ties but they looked like business minions!  All dark grey suits and white shirts - dull to say the least.  I am sure their presentations were engaging and informative but visual dullness and uniformity creates no visual memory. 

We engage visually FIRST and we remember visually ALWAYS.

Instead of white shirts wear soft white, lilac or peach shirts with a character tie or if ties aren't your thing mix a dark suit with a mid-tone shirt in teal, aubergine, steele grey or a softly patterned shirt.  There's no need for plain!

When it comes to ties think of them as an expression of you (along with pocket squares, watches, waistcoats and socks).  Bright colours, animals and in fabrics such as wool or cotton look less formal than silk and stripes.

Jeremy Nicholas is a professional speaker, emcee and very very funny guy.  He is brilliant at speaking but recognised the value of looking as well as sounding the part (see his testimonial below).

Finding the perfect colour for your next suit will ensure you are looking your best in your suit and is a new service I now offer working with Leon Brown of Christian English and Phoebe Gormley of Gormley and Gamble.

What we wear makes us behave differently and 'smart casual' at work is taking it's toll on effectiveness and productivity.  Wearing more formal clothes creates more cognitive engagement and mental agility also known as 'enclothed cognition'*  Studies have now proven that what we put on puts us in a different mood and mode.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Jo x

*'Mind What You Wear'. Professor Karen J Pine.