Armour. Do you have a chink in yours?

For business men and women their suit is their armour.  Their reliable mode of increasing their feelings of power, presence and professionalism.  But do you have a chink in yours?

For women, a suit has a different meaning and capacity compared to men.  But it really shouldn't.  In fact it's time that women changed their mindset and set of rules of what their suit of armour looks like when it comes to work.  It's time to focus on being expressive and not impressive. 

'A suit is like a suit of armour.  The relationship between the wearer and the item of clothing is very important and the difference is confidence.*

Ozwald Boateng O.B.E. is in a very good placed to describe the connection of what we wear to how we behave.  The first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris he is one of the brands I believe responsible for the evolvement of the suit which in case you haven't heard, is back.  But like any clothing we wear to work, to be truly impactive we need confidence and congruence, too.

Putting on a suit has an instant impact on your behaviour and mindset. 

Studies have proven* that you will work more effectively, productively and communicate differently with your peers if you are wearing your armour.  The problem for many lies in the state of their armour. 

The chink is more metaphorical in that it is not being put to it's full potential and most of us resort to a black suit or grey suit with white shirt or top as their 'go-to' suit for anything official or important.  But there's no need! Why not green, red or blue?

I call it the Minion effect.  When i am walking around Mayfair I see Minions - millions of men and women looking exactly the same, in the same colours, the same style - where is the indiduality?

Wearing black regularly creates insularity and regression**; black is worn by women to hide themselves and look slimmer; black in fact suits very few skin tones in the UK - navy is a better option for everyone.  Does any of that sound like a positive approach to success?

Suits can be powerful and impactive but only if they are fulfilling their true potential.  Through colour analysis I find my clients the perfect suit in colour and shape, a suit that instills confidence and demonstrates your uniqueness.  Teamed with the perfect shirts, tops and shoes, ties and pocket squares you have a more likely path to success.  You can express your personality and uniqueness.

Contact me now to arrange your consultation and the next step to express your success.  Alongside tailor Leon Brown of Christian English London we can create the perfect armour for you.

Jo x

*Mind what you wear.  Dr Karen J. Pine

** - What is the psychological effect of wearing dark clothes?