The Power of a Lipstick

A lipstick is one of the most powerful items a woman can carry in her bag.  In one foul swoop (or coat) a lipstick makes a statement and has an instant impact on how you look and how you feel.

Today Show stylist Bobbie Thomas noticed the difference of how women behaved when she was working in a Crisis rehab facility 'I could see the power of lipstick.  I could see the spark in her face'.  Click here for the full articlein the Huffington Post (02.02.14)

This is an image of a recent client who only wore pink lipstick (as so many women do).  However, her skin tone is mostly warm and the pink lipstick creates grey-ness in her skin tone and only balances with her blue eyes (which are cool).  Like many white British women she has a combination of warm and cool in her eyes, skin and hair colour.  Many colour consultants will use a system of colour without having true colour vision themselves.

This is why three quarters of my clients have been advised to wear the wrong colours - the colours that ONLY enhance their eye colour, NOT THEIR SKIN TONE.

I frequently work voluntarily at an oncology clinic in Harley Street.  I have been attending workshops there for a while now, but it still amazes me how impactive the right bright lipstick can be.  I give every single woman there their perfect lip colour and discuss which colours (warm or cool) work best for their skin tone.  Many of the woman look completely different post-treatment. Their skin tone has lightened, eyebrow and lashes have gone and they tell me they feel less feminine.  

Applying the right bright red or pink lifts their complexion instantly and spontaneously creates a smile.

It transforms how you look.

One of my clients creates wigs for children, men and women who have lost their hair from cancer treatment. She has told me how she feels incredibly moved and saddened by some of her clients and now has her favourite shade of red, following a colour discovery with me, which she applies afterwards.  'It makes me feel and look instantly better and brighter'.

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I would love to show you YOUR perfect lip colour.  

Have a great day,

Jo xx