Would you hire you?

I've had a bee in my fedora since the start of 2017.  The B is for Branding, and in particular the importance of branding for an entreprenuer.  The more I research about the importance of first impressions and image (for my forthcoming book) the more I am fired up to spread the word and help my clients to DRESS THE PART.

One of the most popular articles I've ever seen on Linked In was concerning shirts & ties.  Hardly, ground-breaking, but the shirts and ties and the employees wearing them were travelling transatlantic and their employer had told them that they HAD to wear shirts and ties - it was company policy.  

The employees had no problem with the requirement.  In fact they were more than happy,  as they all grasped the relevance of wearing the right clothes and having the right image,  to represent their company no matter where they were or what they were doing. 

Trumbull explains, 'You never know who you will be seated next to, I struck three profitable business deals in one year, just from interactions started on a plane'.

I agree with Turnbull, and so does all the research and studies compiled on image and how quickly we make our mind up about someone, and that someone's company - a whole tenth of a second*.  That's it.  Unless you have an ability to speak incredibly quickly the two factors which impact are visual and energetic - image and charisma.

The article received 181,000 likes and at last count 14,000 comments.  That is quite a reaction and I found members comments fascinating.  I also found that those who disagreed or were outraged by the requirement, generally had non-professional headshots on LIn, their profiles needed sharpening and were of the 'holiday snap' variety.  All of you images are making a business impression.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet - Henry Hartman

As an entrepreur it's even more important to dress the part as you are your brand and you never know who you may be stood next to on the Tube or in the queue for your coffee.  (See my video below for my round up of my 'Branding week')

If you were the person looking for someone in your field do you think you would be giving the right energy and impression that you are good at what you do?

Would you employ you?  

The more you embrace the congruence of your brand and your image the easier it will get.  And it all starts with your virtual image - your pic on Linked In.  Which will be in my next blog...!

For help in creating a congruent image please get in touch.  And if you're wondering about my business experience as a stylist, have a look at my CV, I have a fair bit of business experience - in the public and private sector and woul love to help you find the right image for your business.

Have a great day!

Jo x