What is the secret weapon in your office?

Would you like your employees to work more as a team, be more productive or more creative?  Be 'colour clever' and inject some instant mood changers into your corporate environment.

Fifty shades...the truth about grey.

'Grey inspires people to be passive, uninvolved and have a lack of energy.  Choosing the color of your office, your clothes or your desktop should not be taken lightly — colors do affect our moods and productivity.'*

It may be the most popular colour for home furnishings & now office interiors, too but it is worth considering the colours you are exposing your staff to day in, day out.

Colour is the secret and very under-used weapon in your corporate environment.  An instant and very reasonable way of improving productivity, engagement and energy.

As a personal stylist and colour evangelist I have noticed that when I start to talk about colour psychology - especially to speakers who want to engage a big audience - clients instinctively know what I am saying is right.  Intuitively we know what colour does to us.  Why?  Because it was the first form of communication, it has been around alot longer than grunting.

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Have a great day!


Image courtesy of Pantone - Colours of 201