Starting from an Early Age...Confident Teenagers

Teenagers have a tougher time now than (the royal..) 'we' did.  

Not only do they have the turmoil of hormones but they have a huge monster to deal with - social media.  And yes, of course, parents have it too but we have only one focussed concern which we can constructively tackle.

Teenagers have a constant barage of images.  We are visually-led creatures.  What we see impacts us, that's how we have evolved and I think teenagers have a harder time now because of this.  

Role Models have never been more important or influential

This is the purpose behind a soon to be published article by Journalist Victoria Lambert in the Telegraph.  The article which I was very fortunate to style for, is an attempt to create more awareness for parents on how they help their children with their image.  To help them value their personality, indivduality and express themselves as who THEY are not who they feel like they should be.  It is vital we encourage our teenagers to feel confident, just as they are.

Hats off to model mums Cindy Crawford & Yolanda Hadid - mother of Gigi and Bella - who was adamant they wouldn't start modellling until they were old  enough.  She wanted to ensure they were fully aware of their responsibility as a model (and potential role-model) to consider every element of their image portrayed in the media and to cope with the pressures of modelling.

Thank goodness for this awareness - it will hopefully be the balm to soothe the 'skinnny-model' led 90's.

Role models need to be normal on some level - average shapes, sizes.   They need to have a positive approach to encouraging kids to be themselves.  Hopefully these social media messages will reign as the yang for the yin and our kids will be happy with exactly  who they are and how they look.

The 'Dressing teenagers' article will feature in Telegraph Style on Saturday 29th April.  It hopes to give a refreshing young style for teenagers that is modern and mature but with a strong influence of colour, obviously!  

If your teenager would like some help with colour and style then I would love to help - contact me here to discuss booking their personal styling session.

Jo x