Are you underselling yourself and your personal brand?

'Everyone has a brand, but some of us are more skilled at realizing its potential than others.'*

Maria was my first focussed client for a Personal Branding Image Consultation.  This took place directly after her session with Executive Coach Joella Bruckshaw who helped her to definine her identity and unique qualities which she brings to a workplace.   Why was she doing this?   Because she is aiming to step up into a board role and wanted to improve her skills, increase her confidence and have a better image to make this happen.

Maria has had a tough job in a tough environment.  She wears alot of black and dark colours to "blend in" in her field in the male dominated traditional world of banking.  

Her outfit on the left was her 'interview' outfit - always very dark, but she wanted to 'makes sure I don't stand out too much.  To look like I'll fit in'.   But was that creating a message of 'I am an expert,  I am confident, I will be an asset to your board, I know how to speak up and be decisive?' No, and in part because of the REASONS WHY SHE WAS CHOOSING TO DRESS THAT WAY.  That was creating a mindset and belief which would have come across and have been sensed by her interviewers, even just on a subconscious level.

Go to my YouTube channel - Jo Baldwin Trott - to hear our conversation about Maria's personal brand

But what are we telling ourselves by making ourselves 'fit in'?   That we have to be like everyone else.  In Maria's case to look masculine not feminine.  I hear this so often when I am styling women (look out for next weeks blog 'Fitting in in a Man's World').  Alll of this creates a negative impactive on our mindset and our confidence.  It creates a state of mind for when we approach a new client, new role or interview board.  It also sets a bad example for other women and is a passive way of allowing judgment and setting superficial standards.   

Men, too suffer from blending in syndrome particularly in the UK, and resort to dark suits, white shirts and not allowing themselves to express their personality in their dress.  But what kind of personal brand is that?

It's time to change and embrace our individuality within the workplace, society and life in general. Time to stop hiding behind and blending in in black.  Time to wear bright colours that we want to wear and to stand out in a crowd for all that you are and all that you bring to society, your home or your business environment. 

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Re-define yourself as a brand and find more confidence to shine as you are meant to with a Personal Branding & Image Consultation. 

Have a great day!


*Why your personal brand deserves high-quality photography'.  Tomas Laurinavicius,  May 18  2017