Even Actors hate them! Love your Headshot.

Headshots are one of the most undervalued, underestimated and underused tool in your brand and I would like to tell you why.  In my next blog I will help you with how you can fix this. 

'Pictures don't just tell a thousand words they make a connection with the viewer and help form memories too. A good headshot is like having the perfect cover for your best seller.  It'll get you noticed and remembered for your story, not something to be skimped on or an afterthought'.

Hannah Kapff, PR Expert, Curious PR, London

I was so surprised to read that even actors hate headshots.  But surely they are actors, being filmed all the time behind a camera...?!  Nope, apparently they hate them too!

This is the reason why headshots are undervalued.... beecause most of us hate having our photo taken.  It's up there with visiting the dentist.  So we place no value on an outcome of an experience we find painful.  We kind've park it a bit like a sore tooth and just think 'it'll be ok!' until the tooth becomes painful.  (OK enough about teeth!!) 

Is your headshot the same semi-ok shot you had done 4 years ago that you never really liked?  

Is it a 'nice photo' a friend took at your last barbecue?

So many and too many business men and women have not yet grasped the value of yourself as a brand and the power of your headshot being the NEON SIGN of your brand.  It's what we are drawn to and if you are not bothering with it you might as well turn it off!

Undervaluing your brand will mean you are missing out on business!

I recently saw a post on Linked In relating to  a womens event in London.  It was an awards ceremony with a signficant opportunity to network.  I would normally immediately engage with this kind of article - celebrating women in business, successs and a change to meet other new women in business.  Fantastic!!  But I didn't.  I got (easily) distracted by something else and FORGOT IT!  Eventuallly I went back to it but again had no engagement, I was visually uninspired and after reading the blurb, I swtiched off from it completely.  This isn't like me I  normally love any celebration of women in businesss and at the very least comment in a positive way.  But the message and the brand HAD NOT WORKED!  

Her brand had failed to engage me visually, professionally and therefore missed out on my undivided attention.  No engagement, no gain!

I later went back to the post to investigate exactly why I had disregarded her post.  It was simple. The headshot of the posting Linked In member was awful.  The colours were beige, grey,  and spoke old-fashioned and dated. Yes, the woman was an older lady but that was not the issue it was the clothes, the colour, the hair.  It was staid, uninpsiring and un-engaging which I am sure she and her brand are not but how would I know?!  Her branding colours in her logo etc, also were drab and dull so overall nothing grabbed my attention.

Your branding shot needs to be:

  • Professional.
  • Engage visually - have an element of colour, which we are naturally drawn to
  • Be simple - too many messages in your clothing & jewellery create confusion for our visual minds
  • Be you - feeling natural and confident will shine through so wear clothes you feel amazing in
  • Be your brand - it has to be a representation of what you do and how you do it.  (more on creating the perfect headshot in my next blog 8th May 2017)

So, apologies to this probably amazing lady and her event (which I couldn't actually make anyway) but - 


We are visual creatures - we react instantly to optical engagement so engage us!

Do you know deep down that your headhot does not match your brand?  Do you feel that you're avoiding the dreaded photo sesssion?  I can not only style you for your photoshoot I can help you brand yourself to create optimal impact, Just like Kayla.  Her testimonial is below.

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'I had an amazing day with Jo getting my colours done.  She explained what my 'Zing' colours were and chose a selection of clothes to try.  Her session was worth every penny and I felt relaxed and engaged throughout.  Awesome.  I will never forget our session, Jo.

K. Conley,  Professional Speaker, London.

Kayla Conley Headshot