Do you skip to the shops to update your wardrobe?

Spring is the most popular shopping season. We are rejuvenated by the colours in nature, the lighter days and head to the shops to top up our wardrobe with some spring style. BUT, and it's a big but, It's official - most women hate shopping, and I'm talking about for clothes obviously, not courgettes. 


It is hardly surprising as there is SO much to chose from, SO many brands, SO many different sizes for those brands and SO many other messages going on in your mind when you head to the shops. What are the trends? What colours should I buy?  Shall I stick to my normal brands?  Can I buy items that will go with what I have already? What do I really need? Am I buying the same as what I already have?

And that's before you've left the house!   I am here to help.

Here is my success list for shopping... 

  1. Have clear objectives, a wish list with item, colour, style & if you like to narrow down your options, the possible store to look in and budget, too. Unless you're a seasoned and successful shopper this will help you achieve shopping success. 
  2. Be prepared! Wear clothes & shoes which are easy to take on and off.  If choosing an item/s to go with clothes you already have make sure you take the them with you.
  3. Wear neutral underwear, too or take these with you including strapless bras.
  4. Eat first, take water witu you and drink lots.  Hunger and dehydration are guaranteed to kill your shopping enthusiasm. The air conditioning can deplete.
  5. Take a friend/partner but only if they're honest!
  6. Wash your hair! We always feel better with clean hair, so many treat shopping like walking the dog!  You need to feel good about yourself to stare and critique your body in the mirror.
  7. Have plenty of time, it's better not to rush.  Stress shopping 'I HAVE to get something in my lunch hour!' is likely to be unsuccessful and result in random expensive purchasing. Don't bother.


But before you rush out to buy a new dress or outfit for a party or event I want to share a thought with you...

...Nobody really cares if you wear the same thing twice!

(And yes, this is mostly aimed at women!)  Many British women have a crazy hang up about wearing the same outfit in case someone remembers!! The crinoline days are over and ethical shopping is the way to shop.  Get over it.  Buy great items that you can change with accessories and feel a little different in. I have a favourite silk green dress I have had for 8 years and I have worn it a gazillion times. People who have seen it before just say - Jo, you look amazing, I love that dress.  Happy Days!!


Contact me now to book your personal shopping experience and I will guarantee you your perfect outfit. Shppping with an expert in styling and colour?  #winwin

Jo x