The female STYLE WOBBLE...

Back in October last year I posted the following in my blog-

What do the Duchess of Cambridge and Theresa May have in common?  More than you would think!  They are both constantly in the spotlight, both strong women and powerful role models. They also have an even bigger thing in common (in my opinion) they are having a female wobble. And I don't mean a literal physical wobble, obviously, but an emotional one.  I can relate to both of them.  

And sadly 6 months later nothing has changed, they are still wobbling and I really felt that with the Duchess' outfit on Saturday at her sister's wedding compared to this one of last year!!  Wrong colour (for her skin tone), wrong style (for her body shape and natural style), wrong look for such an amazing, inspiring dresser.  And yes, I get that she didn't want to outstage the bride, but...!!

What is the....


It's a lack of certainty, self-esteem and an inability to dress like YOU!

The most common time for a female style wobble is post-children but it can be post-new job, post new body or even after a change in marital status.

I have had clients who have dieted and gone down 4 dress sizes but DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR and have had a style wobble!

How do you know if you are having a STYLE WOBBLE?

Here are the signs...

  • You look at your clothes and you aren't sure what you can get away with anymore
  • Your inner dialogue says, 'But Kate, you can't wear THAT NOW - YOU'RE A MUM/FUTURE QUEEN...
  • You're not sure how to put an outfit together which has never reallly happened before
  • You don't know what 'look' to go for
  • You start buying colours and styles you wouldn't have gone anywhere near ten years ago
  • You start relying on your other half like never before for his 'honest' opinion (which I'm afraid will depend on how late you are for your friends' dinner party Theresa!!)

The Duchess and PM have one more thing in common - they both need my help and by showing them their Zing colours, reminding them of the different clothes and their TRUE STYLE they can wear they will feel more like themselves, feel more congruent and will be more able to...


And just in case, I do have vouchers so if anyone wanted to buy either of these wonderful women a Christmas gift to last a lifetime get in touch!!

There are no style boxes in my book - to be stylish, just be you!

Have a great week!