My feature in the Sunday Telegraph - A Parents Guide to Help with Styling Teenagers

My teenage fashion shoot is in the Telegraph!  Click HERE to read this fantastic article written by journalist and teen-mother Victoria Lambert and featured in the Family Life section of the Sunday Telegraph.

It was such a great experience and opportunity to style 6 teenagers in their perfect colours and individual style and it reminded me of how tough it was as a teenager worried about style, and thankfully we didn't have the social media onslaught - just Top of the Pops and Smash Hits to contend with and mull over.

Teenagers of today have a tough time...

  • They are bombarded by images on social media of how to dress, the latest trends
  • Their style icons who are 'on it' with their branding are continuously updating their look and their wardrobe   
  • Teenagers (and their poor parents) have to deal with the backlash and the constant request for new clothes to fit these trends when most trends in teen-wear come with a hefty price tag.

How did I style 6 teenagers?  My approach was very much what I recommend in the article - it's important to consider your teenagers feelings, thoughts, and remember that they want to look older! To acccess the article click here.

As well as creating six outfits in the perfect colours for their skin tone, hair and eye colour (which I had analysed from specific photographs) I had previously asked them all the important questions including:

Who are your icons?

What are your hobbies?

What do you like to wear?

What colours do you love and hate?

Valuing your teenager's views and aspirations is the first step to creating better conversations which will help you to create better shopping trips and decrease the chances of big arguments.  


From working as a police officer and a teacher I have learnt how to talk to teenagers and the most important step is to talk to them like an adult and ask them their opinion, like an adult.  It then helps you to reason with them, like an adult.

You're a role model too!

It won't seem like it but even if your teenage son is cursing your style and criticising your clothes you are still a role model.  For mums I have a plea -

Please wear less black, talk less of having to look slimmer and celebrate who you are and exactly how you are.  That's the best role model.

If you would like to offer your teenager a unique styling session they would love then get in touch,

Jo x