And they're awf! Your Ascot dress code

There's nothing like a British dresscode to get your pulse racing!


The rules and regs for our traditional events bring tears to grown ups eyes but it's worth the angst of researching and double checking...


One summer, some girl friends and I were having a lovely Henley time by the river and thought we would head to the champagne bar in the Stewards Enclosure and enjoy our first glass (of many) bubbles for the evening.

'Excuse me', came a booming voice of the official jobsworth kind, as he approached my friend Sara, 'Your hem isn't long enough to come into the Enclosure!'. Sara is one of my friends who looks very gentile, and ladylike but her looks are deceiving, she has her own business and definitely easily slips into the trousers at home.

She turned to Jobsworth and very cooly replied with, 'My dress is "on the knee" as you can see which is sufficient!'  and continued. 

'I'm afraid madam that that isn't good enough, it must be BELOW the knee not on it!' he bellowed as he stepped in front of her and refused her access.

My stomach turned to stone and I just knew that we'd have to hike up to the start to get our first glass of champagne.  There was no budging Jobsworth and being all girlie and tribe-like we all dismissed the Stewards Enclosure and settled for the bar for all.  No great loss really.


Therefore it is worth reading & absorbing and getting your dess code.  Here is the Royal Ascot rundown but just to note, Quote - 'Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the formal National Dress of their country and serving military personnel are welcome to wear Service Dress or equivalent. So you could turn up in an African tribal dress and chance your luck?


Royal Enclosure - Ladies

Skirts and dresses should be JUST above the knee or longer. 

Shoulders at least one inch wide.

Trouser suits are welcome and should be of full length and of matching material AND colour.  (Picky!!)

Jumpsuits are good but must have same rules as dresses. 

No midriffs showing.  (Goodness, what a thought!)

Jackets and pashminas are welcome! (Do they get a glass of champagne?)

Hats should be of a solid base of 4 inches or more.  Fascinators do not fascinate one in a royal enclosures.


Royal Enclosure - Gents

Black or grey mourning suit with waistcoat (Well you might as well be and the fact that you'll HAVE to hire this as tgere are no shortcuts gets my goat!)

Ties no cravats (just in case you're popping off to get married after)

Black or grey top hat only (No pink?  Boring!)

Black shoes


Queen Anne Enclosure - Ladies

Hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at ALL times (If youre hat starts to aggravate, pluck a feather from someone else's creation (there are always too many on these hats!) a piece in ones head/hair should be sufficient)

Strapless or sheer strap NOT allowed (but what about those tan lives?!)

Trousers full length (Shame. Loving culottes this season)


Queen Anne Enclosure - Men

Suit, shirt & tie (who wants to go Royal anyway!)


Windsor Enclosure - both

One can wear what one likes because the odds of one bumpting into one with a title are very low but one is encouraged to look one's smartest just in case it should happen to one.


That should do you!


If you would like sone help tweaking your outfut then contact me to book in for an hours VIRTUAL STYLING just £97.  We can make your outfit picture perfect and double check the rule book at the same time!


Enjoy ones day!!