Why do we 'save' colour for summer?

As I continue on my mission to #Brigthenup and while I'm on home turf - #BrightenupBritain - I want to ask you a question?  

Why do we only wear colour in the summer?

Ok, it's slightly rhetorical.  I know the reasons and being British I can understand the reasoning behind 'Because we feel better; the sun is shining; we feel more confident...'.


Here's the thing.  



I know we don't FEEL like it then but that's exactly why we NEED to.  

Colour impacts us in 3 ways - visually, emotionally and physiologically.  Bright colours (WHICH EVERYONE CAN WEAR BTW) particularly orange, red, yellow and green will give us more energy, will help us with productivity, creativity and will also encourage more friendliness and sociability. Couldn't we all do with a bit of that in the gloomy bleak mid-winter?  I know I could which is why I am often the most brightest on the tube in my fuschia pink coat or red hat.

I will be back to remind you of this in the autumn time with the same image.  I am gradually becoming an earworm to many, to #BRIGHTENUP and have had so many complaints (yes, complaints,  not compliments!) recently like,...

'I knew you'd be there (at the meeting) Jo, so I had to really think about my colour and not wear black!' but then in the same breath, 'I am so glad I did, I  feel better, stronger, more dynamic!' 

I am SO happy to be your COLOUR EVANGELIST following you to your wardrobe, around the shops and encouraging you to #brightenup ... Britain, New York, Adelaide, I'm not fussy!

Even my good friend, JM who loves grey, blue & only white texted me on Thursday - 'Jo, I've got some different colours on today!' Yes.  Miracles do happen!!

Keep up the colour!!!

Jo x