Styling in the Future

Over the next month I will be focusing on where styling is heading.  The future of fashion from an environmental perspective.

At long last the fashion industry is catching up with other industries and recognising the value in working towards ethical practise; sourcing of sustainable and recycled materials and creating a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.  There is a long, long way to go but with Fashion Icons such as Vivienne Westwood making powerful and important statements at as her final show in London Fashion Week Mens ( the collection was made of recycled clothing), the future is definitely brighter.

What does this mean for the average shopper?

It means that rather than being a little embarrassed about wearing pre-loved clothes, hand-me downs or being spotted in your local Cancer Research shop, we can all be proud to be part of a bigger picture of DOING OUR BIT and spending more time consciously deciding whether we need to buy more or whether we need to buy new.  

Thanks to my innovative, inspiring and 'ahead of her time' grandmother, recycling foil, card and clothes has been ingrained in me from a very early age and I'm truly grateful that it is.

I have been trawling charity shops for 25 years and I can wholedhearedly say that I will actually feel much more excited about purchasing a gorgeous pre-loved item rather than a new one.  Over this time I have with-stood negative comments from friends, family and even received judgment on the fact that I don't actually shop a whole lot!  My aim is to save my clients money - not to make them spend it - which is something I will cover in my next blog - the problem with personal (store) stylsts.

The winwin of buying clothes from a well-deserving and needy charity creates an intense feeling of satisfaction which even my favourite stores can't replicate.  It's a soulful filfllment not just one of desire.

Look out for my weekly blogs as I take apart the rules of shopping, styling and address the incredible facts about the amount of clothes we buy and store (and sometimes never wear).

My styling services are always on the basis of saving you money.  Invest in me and my expertise and I can help you to buy less and wear more of what you already have.  When shopping with clients I encourage my clients to only buy what they truly love, and on some occasions they have only needed 2 or 3 items.  My personal shoppers bring their own clothes with them, their favourite in a case - a style-cation as I call it - so that we can work with what they already have.  And I always encourage a WARDROBE EDIT first.  With my expert styling services I can create a whole new wardrobe, new outfits and a new you from what you already have.   You my not even need  to go shopping!

Some of my favourite shopping sessions have been with clients who have asked to go pre-loved shopping ONLY!  That #winwin feeling is contagious and is a fantastic way of changing a large chunk of your wardrobe without costing the earth (pun intended).

'Buy less, choose well, make it last' were some of the final words spoken by Vivienne Westwood at the end of the show.

Go on, dip into Oxfam, I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.