'Blending In' Syndrome - why it's killing your personal brand

You may not think you suffer from 'Blending In' Syndrome but at some point most of us do and it happens to even the most confident and charismatic.

What is 'Blending In Syndrome'?

It's the fear of standing out.

It's the worriment of most people and in particular, many British people.

And it's time we GOT OVER IT!

One of the many skills I have had to learn as an entrepreneur is how to stand out and do so confidently but with honesty and congruence.  Nobody likes a show off but if you can learn how to stand out authentically and with self-belief not arrogance then you are a step nearer to achieving the success you desire.


The problem with the average British corporate culture is that we are entrenched historically in believing that you really MUSTN'T stand out, look different, or show off.  We love uniforms and most of us wear one, just an unofficial one, generally in black, grey or navy.  

Inspiring coach and speaker Esther Stanhope talks of 'Finding your Inner American'.  And I'm with her all the way.  How can you be believed as an innovative speaker, a creative director or a change-maker if you're wearing the same colours, the same style as everyone else in the room. Why don't you EXPRESS YOUR INDVIDUALITY?

'Knowing your perfect bright colours gives my clients the knowledge to CONFIDENTLY stand out and step into the limelight'.

We are all unique, we all have our own USP and we all need to stop being so British and stop BLENDING IN!  Just like Hunter Southworth who I met at Henley Regatta recently.  Proud to display his patriotism, personality and preen a little (ok a lot) but he does it well.

Contact me to discover your Zing* colours and the confidence to stand out and shine!

Jo x