Do you shop for pre-loved clothes or are you still dragging your heels?

Some of us have been basking in the benefits of 'chropping' - shopping for pre-loved clothes - for years but others are still reluctant to set a heel or a shoe anywhere near a pre-loved or charity story (that's a thrift store bynthe way for my American readers).

This reluctance is inteteresting as more and more of us are automatically taking our unwanted clothes to charity stores.  WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO BUY YOUR 'OLD'/TWICE WORN JOSEPH TROUSERS or your 'still with the label on' DKNY dress?  Yes, these kind of finds are there for the taking and can easily be found with a little patience and clothes rail bashing. Nothing to do with trains. 

And in case it's the thought of someone else having worn the items I would like to point out that items in busy stores may have been tried on by tens of shoppers before you decide to!

Slowly but surely #chropping* is replacing hours of trawling malls.

It's much easier to scour a row of charity shops on your local high street than having to hike over to Westfields, by the time you've parked, walked to your different stores, up and down ten escalators... Sound familiar?

I love clothes but I love the planet more and if we can all shop for a bit of 'old' and new then we can all help to reduce our own environmental footprint.  

If you're surprised that a London based personal stylist is promoting pre-loved shopping then let me set the record straight.  One of my main aims is to save my clients money not encourage you to spend unnecessarily. I have taken some clients solely 'charopping', and some a bit of both.  I get as much satisfaction as sourcing my clients amazing pre-loved clothes as I do shopping in Knightsbridge.

And no I haven't mentioned that there is the obvious huge benefit to the wonderful charities who desperately need our help.  That goes without saying.

x   Jo   x

*Charopping - to go shopping in solely charity shops