Blue Monday and Tuesday and ...

Yes it might be Blue Monday - which in case you don't know was a clever marketing ploy created by a travel company to encourage January sales - but for me and many others it's also blue Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on.  You get the picture!

For someone who aspires to live in California and felt wrongly dropped - the satnav must have been faulty as I was put in the wrong spot i.e. the UK - I seriously struggle through SADly in these winter blue months.  

Thankfully I have a magic wand in my wardrobe which can, with a quick wave, transform how much energy I have, how I feel energetically and how I look (pastey white).

There is only one thing to do on #bluemonday and pretty much for the rest of January and most of Feb...

Grab the most colourful item in your wardrobe and wear it with a smile.

Many feel a natural urge to reflect the weather and wear grey, black or dark colours.  I implore you not to!  Instead wear red, green, orange or yellow instead.

Join me and #brightenupbritain.  Use the magic of colour to lift your mood, increase your energy and raise the energetic vibration of those around you - on the tube, the bus, in the office or at home.

I am participating in (double) RED JANUARY for the mental health charity MIND.

I am Running Every Day and because I am the 'Queen of Colour' I am wearing red every day too!

If you would like to see why MIND matters to me then go to my recent post on Facebook @jobaldwintrott -

To find out the perfect green, blue, red that will give you an instant lift, a glow even if you are your palest contact me now to book a colour discovery - on offer with a 10% discount in blue January for just GBP 232.00

Come on folks, let's #BrightenUpBritain together!


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