Being pastey and British

Three 'Autumns' all in a row!  

The colour & tones of our skin are determined by our ancestry and the most impactive and dominant ancestry in the UK is due to the Normans**

We all carry at least 7 generations of DNA and we may appear very different from our immediate family.

But many white skin in the south of the UK particularly are deep and warm toned i.e. the 'autumn' palette due to this significant impact from the French.**

So why have a colour analysis if you're white & British?  

Because it's not just about discovering an exciting palette of colour and seeing for yourself that you should wear cream not white, navy not black.  These alone will lessen the pastiness of any average Brit and emcee and voice of FIFA, Jeremy Nicholas is actually wearing a deep cream shirt in his picture.  It isn't white it just looks  it.  His white shirts days were numbered and his looking pastey days, too once he discovered his ideal colours.

It's also about discovering your key ZING* colours - the colours which make you pop, no matter how tired, no make-up ladies and in the depths of winter when you are pastey, too!   We all have 6 or 7 bright colours which enhance our SKIN, HAIR & EYE colour and give us an instant glow, a natural tan.  These are the ones to rush out & buy, in tops & dresses, scarves, ties and jumpers.

Contact me now to book your Zing* consultation, I would love to help and brighten up your wardrobe in these grey gloomy days.

Jo x

*Trademark pending

** - Genetic study reveals 30% white British DNA has German ancestry

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