New Year, Old You

Happy new year! 

I would like to wish you a healthy and happy 2018, it's set to be a big year - the year of the dog, a master number year and a year of ultraviolet, Pantone's colour of year.  A powerful colour and the king of the palette with the highest vibrational frequency.

What does all that mean? 

It means that this is the year for intuition, spirituality, and for embracing and valuing our environment.  It is the year for us to open ourselves to nature, our inside voice and to listen to what we soulfully and intuitively have to say AND EXPRESS OURSELVES WITH MORE CLARITY.

When it comes to image and style this is exactly my focus for my clients.  

By dressing how we think we should rather than how we desire we are hiding our uniqueness. 

Personal branding will become one of the hot topics in business this year.  But as you look around at a networking meeting, in the staff canteen, do you see personal style?  For most, especially in British culture, we are historically driven and swayed towards blending in and wearing a self-imposed uniform in dark colours to ensure we're not noticed and taken seriously.  

Many of my female clients believe that they need need to wear black or dark colours to be treated as an equal.  I have yet to meet a man who says this is true and Michelle Obama proves how you can be successful & impactive yet have a vibrant and feminine image.

Expressing the real you in your style and image makes a powerful statement.  It tells your co-workers, employees and future clients that you value your own voice, you are confident and are prepared to express this.  Yes, you may stand out at meetings if you are wearing your favourite orange tie, red dress or green jacket but for all the right reasons, and you will be remembered.

Make 2018 the year of the true you - your voice, your personality and your uniqueness.  This is the formula that creates true charisma.

For the month of January I will be wearing red every day and also running in support of MIND, the charity helping those with mental health.  To make a donation - just 6 pounds will cover the cost of a call - CLICK HERE

And for business women who would like to step up into their suceess join me, expert transformational mentors Vanessa Louise Moore & Karen Marshall at our unique and intimate event - STEP INTO THE NEW YOU on February 23rd.  Tickets and more information available here

Contact me to find out how you can start the new year embracing and expressing your true personal brand.


Steve Beckles-Ebusua has built a highly successful and memorable brand by being bold.  Read his interview in next week's blog...

Steve Beckles-Ebusua has built a highly successful and memorable brand by being bold.  Read his interview in next week's blog...