My turn to rock

For the first time in a long time I have had to put myself through the makeover process that I give to my clients.  Having to assess how my brand looks, the message and expression that communicates and what needs to change was a great reminder of how significant and also slightly uncomfortable the whole process is.  It is also one of the most worthwhile exercises in self-value and self-development.


Going through the makeover process (with the incredibly innovative and passionate Sapna Pieroux from was a powerful and useful experience in so many ways. To see the process and my extreme makeover click here.

As with creating a new image, the outcome is worth every soul-searching moment and I am thrilled with my new look.


As a brand my businesss has evolved, my old branding was not a refllection of what my business is now as I have added to my services.


I now offer a soon to be trademarked coaching programme to give you clarity and confidence with your personal brand.  Why would you do that?


When we value ourselves, and our whole selves, on a soulful, experience and expression level we can bring this into what we do and feel truly connected.


This is when the magic happens and you will never 'work' a day again in your life.  Happy days ahead.


I have a second class honours degree in business, a Higher National Diploma in business and 30 years experience of working in over 60 different private and public sector organisations.  I have worked with entrepreneurs for 9 years and have created my own business four times myself.  That is the tip of the iceberg but more importantly my true passion and purpose is giving my clients and audiences the opportunity to reflect on how unique, how special and how valuable they are just as they are.


Hope you are rocking your personal brand? Not sure? Then please get in touch and I can help you.

Curious about my tagline? Let’s have a chat and I can tell you about my new singing career! My first record is coming out soon.

When you have clarity you have confidence and charisma to go to the highest places that to desire.