The brand of Meghan

The brand of Meghan

Even the very un-patriotic have been posting this weekend of how they have somehow managed to be caught up in the Meghan and Harry wedding.  It has dominated our papers, our newsfeeds and will give many plenty to chew over in the forthcoming weeks.  

I put my hands up to being totally drawn in, revelling in the build up and thoroughly enjoying watching from the style side-lines as many get it right with a fantastic outfit, and many get it wrong - in colour, style, fit and accessories.

In a way I feel sympathetic that under such a big spotlight and at the mercy of the public and press, or maybe the press then the public, it's tough!  No scope for bad hair days, the wrong knickers...

A good friend made a relevant point about the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, harsh but relevant.  She said that in her opinion the Queen looked younger in her outfit than either princess!  That's what the right colour & style can do to you - add years or take them off.   

Why do some of the royals & celebrities look terrible?

She asked me why do members of the royals look so terrible so often?  And the answer is that they don’t know that they do! And we can add a long list of celebrities into that category, too.  There are many royals and celebrities that lack expert help either personally or professionally.  Many that fear engaging an expert as they fear that they will be told that they are doing it all wrong, or that they can no longer wear their favourite item, brand, style or colour.  Like so many people, they fear change.  They also probably don't see themselves as a brand.  But they are.  We all are. 

The Queen has nailed her personal brand.

It never fails to amaze me that so many in the public evil eye don’t bother to invest in a personal stylist/brand expert and even more critically just make do with a friend/mother/adviser, like the Duchess of Cambridge for example.  Too many turn to those closest and around them for help when the odds are that those ‘helpers’ will base all their choices on one thing only - what they like.   With no knowledge of body shape, styling or colour.

The Duchess’ long-term personal hair stylist Amanda Cook-Turner has now turned clothes stylist and in my opinion hasn't done a good job.  She has dressed her in awful frumpy cardigans and dreadful frocks.  She has 'put her' in colours that drain and look dreadful and styles that are over fussy and off-brand.  

The reason is likely to be a simple one - because SHE likes them.  But that doesn't sit well with 'Brand Kate'.  Although she looked amazing on Saturday she has generally lost her style mo-jo.  Could be the post-baby 'style wobble' (see previous blog - May 24)

Amal Clooney, however, was a shining light and not just because she wore yellow or rather mustard to be precise.  Mrs Clooney looked the best not just because she had a great dress, superb hat and was wearing a brilliant colour.  She stood out because she looked and behaved true to herself.  

I was thrilled to see Rebecca Deacon, previous personal secretary to the Duchess, wearing a stunning red dress.  I advised Rebecca around 2 years ago on colours which enhance her pale complexion - and red is one of her Zing colours.  

My next article will delve deeper into personal brand and how our image plays a big part but for now I will leave you with a thought on 'brand Meghan'.  I believe her wedding dress was not the one she wanted to wear.  Yes, it was perfect in its simplicity but it was not on-brand and it showed.  She looked radiant but it didn’t beam out of her.  

For a woman who is a change maker and fights for human rights, Meghan was playing it all a bit safe and my bets are that she really wanted to wear the dress she wore for the evening do. The Stella McCartney number was brand Meghan to a tee - classic, but striking; simple but slightly sexy and oozed confidence and originality.  The estimated £400k Givenchy frock in my opinion didn’t fit the bill, or the bride.

Need help with a looming wedding?  I would love to!

Jo x