Off to Ascot? Measure up first.

A part of me is slightly embarrassed to be writing this as a Brit, I mean, come on already!  Get over all this 'rules and regulations' rubbish.  Having said that I do on a level, get it.  When one imposes standards and I always thought this with school uniforms, one creates an expectation doesn't one.


It's called 'enclothed cognition'* and Royal Ascot has got all uppity this year about standards dropping and unruly behaviour and/or attracting 'the wrong sort'.  I am very happy to put myself in that category - my friend Juliet will vouch for my bonkers behaviour at Henley Regatta last year! - but needless to say that this year ladies really need to dig out the tape measure before they decide on their outfit.  Here's your quick guide:

SHOULDER STRAPS - over 1 inch

JUMPSUITS - full length only

TROUSERS - full length only

HEMLINES - just above the knee (with no definition of 'just above?' tut, tut!)

FASCINATORS - at least a 4 inch base

And just in case, no midriff's showing!  I can imagine some traditional Lord or Lady Doobry almost choking on his or her Pimms at the committee meeting when this was discussed!!

Gents, don't even think about adding colour to your top hats, no individuality allowed I am afraid, and remember your socks!!!!

As jumpsuits were finally allowed last year, that is what I will be donning and my pre-loved new hat which I am thrilled to say I found at Chiswick car boot sale.  It cost me a grand total of three quid!  And I will happily share that with Claire Balding when she asks me.  I did have one but I fancied splashing out!!! 

All the guidelines are here in case you don't believe me!  And all the above are for the Royal Enclosure so if you are heading to the Queen Anne and anything rougher it all gets a little more relaxed, but only a little!

Still struggling with an outfit?  Looking for a different look and the right hat that will suit you?  Get in touch and I can either offer you my special ONE HOUR ONLINE CONSULTATION for a season special of just 130 USD (97 quid to most of you) or I can fit you in for an expert shop.

See you there!!



*Dr. Karen Pine



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