What hats have you worn? Valuing your experience in your personal brand

When I left the police service in Bristol after 7 years I was told I was making, "The biggest mistake of my life', that I 'must be mad' as the pension was the best I would ever get; that I would regret it.


But I was depressed.  I felt chained to a job I achieved nothing in and got nothing from and was spending day in day out suppressing the real me.  And if I took the advice that was being given I would do this for another 23 years!  Really?


What I was grateful for, though, was the resilience I had developed as a police officer.  Facing death 4 times, dealing with offenders who were high on drugs, incredibly violent and dealing with the innate discrimination within the instiution all helped me shape who I am now, let alone the countless skills of selling, pr, marketing and communication. 


The biggest lessons, though were in humility, to never presume anything about someone you meet; and the value of a smile.  It disarmed many violent situations, many pub brawls and saved my own life along with a 6'8' man who was ready to jump off of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  Doing what people least expect from you at a moment in time is incredibly powerful and can change moments and lives. 


And just to name drop, I chased Banksy around Bristol when he was scooting around (literally) and painting the bridges and buildlings, so yep, I know who he is!  But I'm not going to tell.  Why would I want to blow his personal brand?


We are often easy to write off our previous employment as, 'Well, that was just working in a dull job'.  But it never is.  If you have overcome any difficulties within your position: employees, employers; the skiils you applied to the role you had; these are all valuable and when you recognise their value you can endorse them as part of your personal brand.  


Valuing yourself & creating a business around your experience, your skill set and your personal beliefs brings you joy.  It taps into the core of who you are on a soulful level, engages with all that you have learnt along the way and it allows you to fulfil the true potential of the star you can be.


I have swopped my police hat for big crazy straw hats and being able to express my truth and values within my business.  Is it time for you to swap hats, too?? 


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