Discover your superpower

You heard it here first.

Over the course of 2019 and the next few years you will see the RISE OF ME or rather YOU. You and your superpower.

The term ‘personal brand’ has been banded around a while now but it is still not completely understood; clarity not quite achieved; uncertainty remains on the difference between brand and personal brand; and how you either as an employee or an entrepreneur can use and benefit from your personal brand. Many don’t realise they even have one.

Whether a student or a chief of staff; a multi-million pound founder or a newly made adventurous entrepreneur, you will benefit from defining your personal brand.

Over the next three months I will clarify in my blogs what it all means, and more importantly what it all means to you.

Alongside experts in the fields of brand, branding, marketing and personal brand I will provide an insight which will make it all crystal clear.

You will learn some great tips which will help you to define your brand and personal brand; some powerful guidance to improve all of the above and maximise the impact of your personal brand. What happens when we do this? We achieve greater success and more importantly get greater fulfillment.

The best personal brand is the one that authentically comes from within you. No copy and pasting needed. That really is the beauty of brand, it can be your biggest voice, your loudest message and need only come from one place - your essence. It is your unique superpower and so many of us are nowhere near using a tenth of it!

If you would like some personal brand inspiration sign up to my ROCK STARS of personal brand. The very first is with fire walk instructor/mindset master/kick-ass entrepreneur Lottie Moore, watch here. And keep a beady eye out for more interviews, some even of real rock stars who have used their fame and fortune to develop their personal brand.

Please email me if you have any questions and of course if you are ready to be more confident and expressive with your image or personal brand. I would love to help you find your superpower.

Wishing you a very happy 2019 full of love, light and kryptonite.

Jo x