Learning something new - the Jewish religion & fabric

When you're in your 40's it's rare you hear a word and know you have absolutely no idea what it means.  When I read a tweet from a male stylist stating that it's hard to find a Shatnez-free suit my imagination went wild and I thought I'd just missed a new trend and   pictured a pattern, kind've herringbone, maybe with big squares?!!!

Religion and culture play a huge part in our clothing and in fashion.  As I branch out my global brand (and having spent a week staying in a prominent Jewish area of Brooklyn recently) I am really grateful to tweeters like @Sathian_KB for enlightening me.  I had no idea what Shatnez-free meant let alone how to say the word (pronounced shot-nezz).

So for those of us who are travelling and spreading ourselves across the globe it's really worth researching and widening your vision, investigating and clarifying who your audience is and what their needs are. Personally I fell in love with #twitter just a little bit more.  Quick points, witty ditties and an instant reference.  I truly love it!

SHATNEZ (for anyone else who thinks it might be a pattern) is a reference to the Hebrew requirement to wear only 100% wool, and not to wear garments which contain wool and linen.   Oh, and just to clarify wool should only be sheep's wool not wool from other animals.

For a perfect suit in colour, style and material invest in quality fron a goid tailor and overseen by a stylist and colour expert for the perfect style, colour, shape and fabric to suit your needs.  A good suit is priceless investment.  

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