In 8 short years

You can always rely on social media to give you a bump down memory lane!  

Thanks to Linked In I have just remembered that 8 years ago I was totally broke, had just left my abusive marriage and was blessed to have twins of 2 years but not alot else.  With no money, no family support and only just enough pasta on the table I had no ability to return to my pre-maternal role of primary teaching.  The childcare would have drained away my earnings and I would have been back to square 1 but with all that marking, too!

Thankfully, throughout the preceding 12 months of anxiety, stress and fear I had been awakened to two concepts which allowed me to think a little differently, to believe in something special and I had found a ray of hope.  

(I am writing a book about the 'how' I changed my life but this blog is more about the 'you can' which it will cover too, naturally.  If you would like to pre-order my book please email me

It was like a roulette moment - do I go for red or go for black.  Do I wallow in self-pity and grief and consider returning or do I reflect and accept a new but challenging path.  Give in to the negative abuse and criticism of 'being mad, worth nothing, worst mother' etc.... or dig deep that I am in there somewhere and can build myself back up. The pills from the doctor or Reiki.  You get the picture.  The list goes on and on.

It was as I looked at the only option of employment being as a school canteen lady, that I had my pivotal moment.    It wasn't the fact that I didn't like the idea of working in a school canteen, schools are without doubt, one of the most energetic and vibrant places you can work.  It was more to do with the fact that I would be ignoring all that I had done, rubbing it all out like I had never been there and worse that I was doing so because of my failed marriage - it had won and I was set to lose and live life with little choices.  My two degrees, years of public and private sector work, hundreds of hours of courses, experience & knowledge going all down the school drain.  Nope, it wasn't going to happen.  It was a time to be brave, again.

Probably the toughest but most essential process required to start your own busines is to figure out who the hell you are and what really matters to you, on a conscious and soulful level.  And it's not about who you were or what you have done, that experience allows your service to be unique, but the best business is based on your core beliefs and who you are right now.  I could have become a private investigator, a landscape gardener (yep, box ticked), a private tutor or ran a cocktail bar.  

But what I was celebrating and continue to celebrate, right there and then, was valuing who I was from the inside out and living and expressing myself, not worrying what my husband, mother, sister, thought.

I had made one of the hardest decisions of my life and survived.  I had brought the colour back into my days which had been full of shadow and it was time to value just being me: wearing green, the brightest on the school run, the overglamorous one in the local pub.

We all need to allow ourselves to live our own paths, not someone elses.  To stand out in magenta pink, not blend in in black. 

My business continues to develop and grow.  It looks nothing like it did 8 years ago and I am really excited about that.  I have grown, too and I am thrlled to look forward to the next 8 years and where that will take me.  

By creating a business which helps others re-discover their true self and express this through their image I am allowing them to re-define who they are; to allow themselves to truly shine from the inside out.  There is no better image than that.



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