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What you are about to read could save you up to 6.5k so enjoy...

This is a long overdue blog.  There is a good reason why it's overdue - I am not a fan of negativity and I certainly don't buy into the 'I am better than them' attitude to expertise however many of my clients have asked me to share the truth so this is for them and you, too...

It is time for me to state a shocking fact and something I have been keeping under one of my many hats.


A huge 90% of clients who come to me for personal brand and image consulting who have already had their 'colours done' have been given the WRONG COLOURS.  Not their right ones, the ones that enhance their colouring, complexion and bring out their natural glow but the wrong ones that drain them, emphasise shadows, lines and actually make them look older.  These clients have spent thousands on buying clothes in the wrong shade, hue and tone.  They have invested hours of their time shopping and have a wardrobe full of the WRONG CLOTHES.

In the 10 years that I have been offering colour analysis I have seen the percentage figure increase (probably because I am now living in London and there are many more women and men in London and the surrounding areas who have invested in this key step to establishing an impactive, flattering and easy to wear wardrobe) but the figure seems to be increasing nonetheless.

Why have they been given the wrong colours?

Because the system of colour analysis is based on the tone and undertone of three components: your skin, eye and hair colour.  However, the seasonal analysis i.e. whether you are a warm spring (NIcole Kidman, Holly Willoughby, Damian Lewis) or an autumn (David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Kylie), or a cool summer (Her Majesty the Queen, me) or winter (Tom Hanks, Archie Panjabi, Naomi Campbell).  It is dependent on ONLY your skin tone.  The secondary analysis is on our skin, eye and hair colours which impact your key Zing* colours - the key 6 or 7 colours that make you pop and look ten years younger.

My client Helen is an entrepreneur and gets most of her clients through word of mouth.  She wasn't loving her wardrobe anymore, or what the colours seem to do to her, and as networking is key to her business she wanted to improve the EXPRESSION of her personal brand.

Helen had a beautiful wardrobe full of her colour palette that she had been given - a summer palette - but she was in fact an autumn (warm and deep) in skin tone.  The trouble was her eyes were bright blue (cool) but her skin and hair warm and deep.

A colour analysis must only be based on your skin tone - i.e. the biggest organ of our body!!  - not your eye colour which is where so many go wrong.  Yes, Helen's cool mid-grey Mint Velvet jacket looked fantastic with her eye colour but completely drained her complexion and aged her as her skin tone was warm.

Very few colour consultants are taught this and very few have high colour vision, like myself, so can not SEE the skin for the colour that it is.  I have such high colour vision I don't need the different coloured drapes to see what someone is, I can see it in their skin tone.

As my trainee styliss will tell you, it is not as easy as it looks and if you are going to invest in a new image and brand based on your colours it pays for you and your business to get it right and get an expert to do the job.


I know a small number of consultants who are experts in colour across the country in the UK.  There aren't too many of us so please get in touch if I can help.  I also love to travel so will happily come to you or alternatively I can analyse your colours through images and online in a virtual consultation.   Just like any investment (and it is as the average wardrobe is worth 6.5k) do your research first and use a recommended expert.

With Kylie and Fergie... ?  The colour is wearing Kylie a little (she hasn't booked in yet) whereas Fergie totally rocks the dress which is in one of her Zing* colours.

My next blog - Rock Your Brand : Becoming Brand You - how to discover your personal brand & then rock it!

Have a fantastic day!



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